Monday, June 29, 2009


It's interesting to me to learn how people were given their names; I know people who are named after their grandparents, or have received a recurring family name, or got to choose their own name, or are named after inspirational historical people, or named after family friends, or have a name their parents just made up.

This is my namesake:

Good grief!

What kind of mother watches a film like this and thinks, "Hmmm, I'll name my angelic, sweet, darling daughter that"? lol!

So, there's me... how about you?


  1. Hi Marnie,
    My dad picked first names for my sister and me from the Bible. He would always introduce us as the Old Testament daughter (me) and the New Testament daughter (my sister). He would tell people they could remember us that way because I'm the older sister. I used to cringe inside every time he did that.
    Our middle names are after our grandmothers. My mom probably chose that. I've always felt special being named after her mother, the grandmother I was closest to.

  2. Well, wow, is all I can say, and I am going straight to my netflix queue after this to see it! My goodness gracious.

    So, did you ever ask your folks about why? My guess is that it felt like an exciting, real and intense feeling to watch the movie and they wanted you to be special like they made them feel. NOT a spaced out thief! After all, it is kind of romantic. Great kiss scenes.

    Hey, it was then. People didn't think too deeply about things like that.

    I (Sara) am named after a Samuel, my father's father. In the Jewish tradition, you are named after someone who has died, never one still living. Using the first letter only is OK; it's the thought that counts. I have no idea who this guy Samuel really was, or if they liked him, or anything. His few photos are not very appealing, believe me.

  3. Aha! So you're named after a neurotic sex mystery who can't ride a horse without crashing into walls. Lucky you (teeheehee!)

    At least you're not named after Donny Osmond like wot i was.

  4. Donny Osmond! hahahaha! OMG, I can't stop laughing! (sorry) I feel soooo much better now! ;-)

    Wow Sarah, the Bible, the Old Testament daughter, heavy stuff! I can understand why you would cringe. That said, Sarah is a beautiful name in itself. As is Sara.

    That's an interesting thing about being named after people who have died. I didn't know about that Jewish tradition... and yeah, what if you don't like the person?

    I've an opposite problem. My middle name is the name of one of my mom's friends and I like her and the name is ok. But that name said after 'Marnie'... ugh, the combo sounds soooooo dorky! I've come very close to changing it.

    BTW, Marnie, the movie, it's not very good! I think my mom only watched the film because Sean Connery was in it.

  5. Hi again. I just watched the film clip (it wouldn't load on my home computer) on my lunch break. Wow! Now I want to see that movie.
    A sex mystery - not such a bad thing to be named after to me.

  6. I was named after Jane Austen, then after my father's godmother, then after my mother. Yeah, I'm the person whose name doesn't fit onto official forms. Fortunately I like Jane Austen's novels! And godmother died way before I was born.
    I was only slightly jetlagged Monday and Tuesday last week - arrived on Sunday and on Monday was out for shopping and lunch with a friend. I think years of insomnia/shift work have meant that jet lag doesn't affect me so much!

  7. This is me, amd my middle name is after my grandmother.

    Robert Burns
    Bonnie Lesley
    O SAW ye bonnie Lesley
    As she gaed o'er the Border?
    She 's gane, like Alexander,
    To spread her conquests farther.
    To see her is to love her,
    And love but her for ever;
    For Nature made her what she is,
    And ne'er made sic anither!

    Thou art a queen, fair Lesley,
    Thy subjects we, before thee:
    Thou art divine, fair Lesley,
    The hearts o' men adore thee.

    The Deil he couldna scaith thee,
    Or aught that wad belang thee;
    He'd look into thy bonnie face
    And say, 'I canna wrang thee!'

    The Powers aboon will tent thee,
    Misfortune sha'na steer thee:
    Thou'rt like themsel' sae lovely,
    That ill they'll ne'er let near thee.

    Return again, fair Lesley,
    Return to Caledonie!
    That we may brag we hae a lass
    There 's nane again sae bonnie!

  8. You don't know my 1st name, do you? Then the Jayne bit is spelt weird and no-one can spell my surname. Gra's is worse....

  9. Yes I do, Jayne! ;-)

    Dead jealous, Mog!

    How many names do you have Jane?