Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mercerilocks and the Three Bears. Captioned!

Last week, I watched a wonderful video on Rick Mercer's YouTube channel. For those without access to Canadian teevee, Rick Mercer is a fairly funny bloke who pokes fun at politicians, celebrities and also explores various aspects of Canadiana.

I liked this one particular video a lot as I have a thing for bears. I decided to caption it so that all D/deaf and hard of hearing peeps could enjoy it too. This was a bit of a stupid decision on my part since I'm hard of hearing myself! D'oh!

I did this via Overstream which is a web-based editor that lets you create and synchronize words to any online video; use it for adding captions, making video greetings, etc. Brilliant stuff!

Instead of embedding the original video, I'm forcing all of you, hearing peeps and otherwise, to watch the captioned version cos it took me friggin' forever to do this! haha! Actually, it was fun and I think the video is just great.

I hope you enjoy it!

To see a bigger version of the video go here. The big version didn't fit on my blog.

Feedback about the captions would be appreciated!


  1. You're a star Toastie, as star. I remember seeing that on TV, it's good that you have made it accessible and now I can share with my HOH chums.

    I wonder what RM would say about the lack of captions on the back videos of his shows. I'm going to email him and ask. He's a nice man, inclusive and all that.

    PS, I love Algonquin, and only 3 hours drive from here too.

  2. Thanks Mog. :-)

    Just think you're only 3 hours from over 2000 black bears. ;-)

    Do you know of any deaf/hoh websites that I could pop a link onto?

  3. I used to those captions since all foreign programs are subtitled here. None are dubed. And they're only som 80%, or so, from tv offerings. I think you did a great job. Not that I had to read those since I listen quite fluently in english. Writing and speaking are bit trickier.

    The clip itself was funny, cute and educative. Those guys (and gals) must've stick som of that drug to themselfs. I mean, who in their right mind sticks his/hers hand in the nest of bear?

  4. Very nice Marnie. I still got to laugh and nobody at work knew why!

  5. Great clip!

    Perfect glimpse of Canadiana!

  6. Marnie that was a great clip from RM. I haven't seen that one. You did a great job with the sub titles. Thank you so much for sharing with everyone.
    Blessings and smiles

  7. Weeeeeeee! :-)

    I'm happy to see these replies!

  8. I'm not a bear fan but this was an interesting video. Thanks for introducing me to RM.

  9. This is a riot, funny and to the point.

  10. Very funny and cute - how much fun would that be!! Great job on the subtitles.

  11. I learned something new, and had a great time. Ha ha, very funny clip. And you did a SUPER job with titles. Wish everything was captioned, in the movies also.