Friday, June 5, 2009

For Lady

Today, when I was out and about, this caught my eye...

For accuracy's sake, the snowman's head was bobbing side to side and yes, it's June 5th. Though I'm not looking for a place to live, I thought, 'This would either be an excellent place to live or down right frightening.'


  1. Yep, it could go either way I think, although I personally would veer towards the downright creepy theory here. Think there's a reasonable chance that the previous tenant is now in about six separate binbags in his freezer..... or is that just me? ;-)

  2. Is the owner called Bates?

  3. Neil, it's been so flippin hot here that that actually sort of sounds appealing!

    Good point, Mog... but I've got that Hitchcock connection too.... mwahahaha!

  4. I'm leaning on the loopy side here. How positively eerie!

  5. I have a dog named Lady.

    But, boy, that was a strange setup.