Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Weird Dream...

Some context. My friend Mog wrote a hilarious post on her blog about her sleep habits. Especially funny was her recounting how, while sleep walking, she awoke and asked her then man if he had polished the spots on the horses yet... lol! I giggled about that all yesterday.

Ok, my dream. Last night I dreamed that I was trying to get on an elevator, a lift. Not a regular kind, but a paternoster kind. If you've not encountered one of these beasts - watch this:

Anyways... so I'm standing there and the paternoster lift is going very fast and I feel like a little kid trying to 'jump-in' when kids are skipping rope. In amazement, I'm watching people step on and off with ease. So, I decide, 'Oh fuck it, Marnie! Just walk towards the damn lift and hop on!' and so I did.

And just my luck!

As I'm stepping into the lift, the lift morphs into a paternoster that's used for documents and not people! The compartments are now only a foot tall... but I've gone too far! I'm beyond the point of no return! FFS! So I kick my legs up like I'm doing some Kung Fu move through the air and slide myself, feet first into a 'file slot'.

And there I am, sandwiched into the paternoster lift, around and around she goes... and guess who I see laughing?

Anyone else have any weird dreams lately?


  1. Dunno who you saw laughing..... but I'm guessing it wasn't Gordon Brown?

  2. Too funny! As for the dream, I actually thought I was awake.

    I was vegging on the couch watching TV when I saw somebody standing in my entry way. Puzzled, I got up to see who it was and when I got there nobody was there. I sat back down to watch the tube and the next thing I know this person is sitting at my desk spinning in my chair. Getting pissed now, I say aloud, who the hell let you in and what do you want. They just spun the chair back to face the computer. When I got up and spun the chair around nobody was there. Out of the corner of my eye, I see the person staring at me from the doorway to the kitchen. Now I'm freakin' yelling at them. But no response. I keep chasing this silent being around from one room to another but could never catch them. I sit back down on the couch unsure of whether I was dreaming or not. Very freaky!

  3. lol, that was funny! And poor Mog and her nightmares and lack of sleep.

    I had a dream I visited another planet in a completely different solar system the other night and I had to go on stage and perform a dance for the ruler of the planet.

    No, in case you are wondering I don't drop acid (at least not anymore) :-)

  4. Oh dear, I have been having recurring nightmares of elevators lately. That YouTube clip is sure to bring on another one. I'd never seen a paternoster one before. It is rather like waiting the right moment to jump in for jump rope.

  5. I think you've thrown me another sideways one there, Neil... but Brown sure could use a lift (although not in my dreams!).

  6. I haven't seen a paternoster in years. Called that because you say the "our father" while trying to get in and out.

    Well, my friend toastie, your dream is obviously about doing something that needs a little bit of a leap of faith to do it. You just need confidence to get in that lift. The compartments getting smaller? Well what could hold you in? You are always kicking your feet and trying to escape.

    Jelly's dream. Well that's blogging isn't it, songs and dances for other planets. Or maybe you feel you are having to do a song and dance for the planet hetero, when you would rather be on planet gay?

  7. Ah... the paternoster in that video was the very same one at the uni of essex where I loitered for a while. It was where I lost my paternoster virginity... after getting tired of using the stairs.

    Your dream analysis skills freak me out. Captivity vs freedom is a recurring theme for me... I feel rootless and untethered and I hate/love it and I crave/fear the inverse. And my confidence... ha!