Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Watery Wednesday - Closed

Just when I wanted to end it all by walking out into the icy depths of the Pacific, the ocean's closed. Bugger!

Seriously though, I've no idea why these stairs are here. The water is not warm enough swim in (it's freaking cold), there's a more traditional beach just twenty feet over if one wanted to launch a kayak or walk in the shallows. Who thought, 'hey I know, let's put some stairs here' and why did they think that?

Anyways, rebel that I am, I sat myself on the stairs and stared.

Truthfully, these stairs have been closed for many, many years and I have used these stairs for many, many years as a place to contemplate why there are stairs here and other of life's little questions.

For more Watery Wednesday photos click the pic!


  1. Damn, just your luck :)
    On the link there is another photo I recently added...talking about the sea!

    Thanks for stopping by! Do come again!

  2. cool shots:-)

    mine is here

  3. Yes me too think why they are closed.

    Have you tried tandem flight?
    I started to read your list 101 and I am curious so I have to go back.

    /Maria Berg, Sweden

  4. Great watery pics, especially the second one. It incites to ignore the Stairs Closed warning! Thanks for visiting Liege City Daily Photo!

  5. Cold? C'mon, Ms TB. You have clearly nivir dipped a toe in the North Sea. And i bet a toe is all you'd dip. At least it's sunny with you though. Think we had our summer 2 weeks ago. Hohum.

  6. Dunno Naldo... isn't the Pacific just one big melted feckin iceberg around Vancouver Island? The North Sea will be like a hot tub in comparison.
    Think you're right about our summer though... it's like the end of the world out there right now.

  7. You probably should limit this sort of contemplation... it could drive you crazy!! Round and round. Great shots!

  8. Just enjoy the water, life doesn't have little questions. Only questions which lead to other questions!

  9. Thanks for your comments people... non-thinking is an option that I'm working on.

    Naldo and Neil, I'm not sure what the temps are of the North Sea. Here, the water hovers between 6-10 celsius (45-50 fahrenheit).

    I once swam out in the chilly waves at Long Beach on the west cost of the island. Talk about shrinkage - I was once a man!