Monday, May 16, 2011

Owl and the Pussycat

I normally put the 'cute animal' video clips that I come across on the right hand column of my blog but this, in my opinion, is exceptional. A lovely black cat and a lovely barn owl as friends. Oooh, it's just so beautiful.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Experimental Meatloaf and Salt n Pepa

... because what goes better with meatloaf?

I think I am a pretty good cook. However, I don't get off on it; if I was rich, a personal chef would be something I'd seriously consider. I rarely even discuss cooking but today I am going to because today I made something that was either going to be very good or total shite ... and it was, still is, deeeelicious!

As per my previous post, I've gone a bit cave woman in terms of my eating. I'm not following any strict way of eating, no 'diet.' I'm just dropping the bread, pasta, grains while eating more meat, nuts and veggies. Essentially a paleolithic diet... except with some cheese. :D

Today, I bought some ground up turkey with the plan to make 'my mom's meatloaf.' Alas, it called for breadcrumbs and onion soup mix. Hmmm, what to do, what to do? Well, I thought, bread is just filler and texture really so I figured grated zucchini would suffice... except I had none. But I did have a bit of cauliflower and an apple. And a fried onion is way better than a soup mix. And I also had some capicollo and some cheddar that needed to be used up. So essentially I just went a bit 'mad scientist' and emptied my fridge.

Et voila!

Cave Woman Meatloaf... avec fromage

Fry up an onion in olive oil.
Add two hand fulls of chopped up cauliflower.

As that cooks...

In a bowl mix up:
- ground turkey breast
- an egg
- a chopped up apple (yes really, an apple)
- a few squirts of BBQ sauce
- a few splashes of Wooster sauce
- Salt & Pepa

Also: grate up some cheese but keep it aside to sprinkle on top.

Let the onions and cauliflower cool a bit then throw it in the bowl with the turkey stuff and mix it all up. It should look pretty gross. ;-)

Put half of that stuff in the bottom of an oiled dish*.

Then! Arrange a layer of capicollo (spicey ham) and then the rest of the turkey mixture.

Remember the cheese? Sprinkle that on top.

Bang it into the oven - 350 for 90 mins... ? or until it looks done.



It's just been over a week of Cave Woman eating and I already feel a lot better. Oodles more energy already... makes me wanna Shoop!

* I don't have a loaf pan... so my meatloaf looks more like lasagna. ;-)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Lovely Fresh Sea Air and ARGH!!!!

Tuesday morning I went for a walk by the ocean and the breeze was amazing! The air is always cool and fresh but it was super-duper, uber-duber fresh that morning. Other walkers, joggers and bench warmers all commented, 'it's exceptionally fresh today, eh!'

It was wonderful!

Then I looked down. See in the bottom right of the above photo?

Here is it, up close, foot included:


ARGH!!!! Don't remind me! Yes, I fucking voted and yes I'm fucking pissed off at the results!!! lol.

I dislike Steven Harper very much. I dislike that his 'Harper Government' now has a majority in Parliament.

But there was some good news. My MP, Denise Savoie (whom I voted for) was re-elected with even a larger share of the local vote; Elizabeth May, leader of Canada's Green Party was elected - the first Green MP!; and there's been a surge of support for Canada's leftist NDP Party, a phenomena nicknamed Orange Crush.

Here's a recap from Democracy Now! which I think is very good:

Anyways... who cares, really? Look, a pretty sailboat:

Aahhhhh.... that's better....


Sunday, May 1, 2011



There's a woman on the west coast
A prolific burner of toast
She's not feeling good
Not good as she should
Just 'ok, fine' at the most

Her gusto for life has faded
Her energy stores; down-graded
It could be the meds
She takes for her head
That's making her seem so jaded

So many goals are in her head
Stuff to do before she is dead
But motivation's flat
WTF is it at?
And she does a duvet dive instead

I don't think her prob is mental
I think it's what's on her table
Too many carbos
'n blood sugar yo-yos
She needs to get herself stable

Deep history gave us our genes
We're not as evolved as it seems
Our bodies like meat
More than grains and wheat
And loves lots of nuts, fruits and greens

So for the next thirty one days
She will alter her eating ways
Gonna give it a whirl
Grrr! Eat like cave girl!
And hope to find the oomph that she craves!