Thursday, June 11, 2009

For my British friends...

From when I lived in Calgary. Winter, obviously.


  1. Is it buy one get one free? In which case I'll take I'll take ten...

  2. It was a carpet shop sale! So will that be 10 in metres, yards or fucking ells, Neil? ;-)

    prkl.... eh?

  3. Shaggy, the musician..bit of shagging lyrics.. ;)

  4. Ahhhhh, him...

    Obviously, I aint hip and cool, prkl. ;-)

  5. Oh.
    At first «Louis» thought the Shaggy Sale might have been meant to drum up business at the bordello, what with getting shagged and all...

    (Editor to «Louis»: Clean it up! You're in public!
    «Louis» to Editor: [blush])

  6. Salut Louis... feel free to express your depravity on my blog. I'm sure as hell no Mary Whitehouse. :-)

  7. Fucking hell!!!

    I just remembered Shaggy from Scooby-Doo!

    I always thought he was very cool. I wanted to marry Shaggy when I grew up... well, when I was seven years old, and before I saw marriage as the legal and social control of women's sexuality and fecundity, and said 'fuck that', I mean. ;-)

    Still... is he not groovy? Certainly more shaggable then Mr Dullsville, Fred... and his neck scarf.

    You realise the pathetic-ness of this post...? on a Friday night? lol...


  8. Fucking 'ell. 'Fecundity'... what a great word. Although it has to be said that 'Zoikes' is up there too.
    Have to say I always found Daphne more interesting than the eye candy female equivalent of Fred (forgot her name....see?)
    The dumpy, specky, intellectual qualities far outweighed the other ones blandness.
    Dunno bout shaggin' her though!

  9. Oh c'mon Neil, I bet a wild time could be had under that orange turtleneck!

    (Now I can't stop thinking about it, lol.)