Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sweaty Sunday: The Uniboober vs The TC10K

What have I gotten myself into? Last week, I went and registered for a local 10K race; the TC10K. In 83 days, I just might find myself in a scene similar to this:

(A photo of last year's TC10K I swiped from here.)

Insane or what?

I'm chubby.

I've spent the last year doing SFA in terms of physical exercise.

I haven't run beyond chasing after a bus in about 15 years.

I can only run for about 3 minutes at a time before I have to kick it down into a walk.


I'm also in need of a challenge and a goal.

Desiring to shed some lard.

I have some knowledgeable support from Neil Tasker and co-learning to run buddy, Jayne.

And running is something that I've always wanted to do.

So, the insanity makes sense. Besides, it's just the 'rec' class I've entered; I'll be in good company with all of the other middle-aged, chubby, weekend warriors at the back of the pack.

Oh and an update! I received the 'holy grail' sports bra the other day and yesterday was the first test run. It's freakin' great! It took me a while to get it on. 11, yes ELEVEN, hook and eye closures all up the front. It was like trying to close an overstuffed suitcase. It was a battle but I got there. Very comfortable and it works. I love it.

Amusingly though, the bra squishes everything up, front and centre and with a t-shirt on it looks like I have one big boob in the middle of my chest; I am The Uniboober. :-)

Anyways.... (Hi Neil)

I have 83 days to attempt to achieve some better fitness for this 10K race. I don't think that I will be able to run the whole thing but I do think that I will be able to walk/run the sucker in about an hour and a half and that's my plan.

I'm going to try to keep track of my progress on my blog on Sundays; Sweaty Sunday.

Week 1 (this past week) NT's Plan was:

- 10 mins brisk walk. Followed by:

- 3 mins jog. Followed by:

- 3 mins walk.

- Repeat 3 times.

- Finish with 5 mins brisk walk.

Total workout time: 33 mins

9 mins jog
24 mins walk

I am so out of shape! Not once did I achieve the above in full, as directed, but I'm getting there and improving, which is the point. And it's been fun and enjoyable ... until the muscle soreness kicked-in. Toilet seats are soooooooo low when your quadriceps are screaming. ;-)

I'm damn proud of myself for taking those first running strides despite feeling like the whole world was watching and for actually taking up something I've wanted to for quite some time. It's going to be a lot of hard work. One week in and I'm sore and exhausted but it feels great. :-)

Thursday, January 28, 2010


A few weeks ago I jumped back into painting and signed up for another painting course.

I like to paint with acrylics and I'm currently taking a painting course from Alesha Davies Fowlie - she's great! I've taken a few painting courses over my many years but I've learned so much from her in such a short span of time it's insane and, most importantly, it's been a lot FUN!

This week's assignment was to bring in a 'shit painting' or a canvas you're about ready to chuck in the bin 'so that we can make abstract masterpieces from them.'

'Yeah, right,' I thought and decided to make it challenging and take to the course something uber-ugly; a canvas that I've been using to get rid of excess paint from brushes:

Ain't it pretty?

But after two hours of playing with a t-square, bits of rice paper and various acrylic paints, mediums and gels, I ended up with this:

I realise it might not be to everyone's taste but I fucking love it!

It was so fun to do and difference from 'shit painting' to something expressive and, imo, visually interesting is amazing to me.

I just need to paint the side bits of the canvas and sign it. Oh and give it a name. Any suggestions?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A blog post with a purpose.

I heard on the radio that a new Canadian edition of Monopoly is being made and that people can suggest and vote on which Canadian cities they'd like to see on the board. Being a local radio station that I was listening to, the suggestion was, of course, 'vote for Victoria.'

Well, 'fuck that!' I exclaimed. 'I want to see Dildo, Newfoundland on the board!'

So, like the good, obedient Canadian that I am, I went to the suggested website (, registered and nominated the fair town. I will return daily to renominate it and vote for it. I am just that obsessive!

If you too would like to see Dildo on Canada's new Monopoly board, please do the same, aww good doggie.

And now, a little video about Dildo, NF.

I do believe that the above is old news and Dildo will be remaining Dildo. Whew!

In summary, if love Dildo as much as I do, please register and vote!


Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Holy Grail is a Sports Bra

... that works. And I think I've found it!


Now that my depression is lifting, I'm needing and wanting to get more active to shrink the muffin top that I've accumulated over many months of hibernating under my duvet.

One activity that I'm going to attempt to take up is running! I have dabbled in running before and it's always something I've wanted to do more of but, problem: boobage. It's uncomfortable and embarrassing running with large breasts and so I figured it was either breast reduction surgery or just not run.

I was chatting with Neil of Light and Dark fame about running (he's run marathons! Insane or what?) and he encouraged me to seek out a good bra... that technology had come along way, baby... and that I shouldn't let boobage stop me from doing something that I want to do. So true. (Thank you, Neil.)

So, I started up my google and searched and OMG! I heard a chorus of angels singing when I happened upon the Enell Sports Bra; a sports bra designed specifically for 'well endowed women' by a woman who was frustrated by a lack of sports bras that actually worked.

Here it is:

I haven't received my order yet but I'm all excited to try it out. Industrial strength support by the looks of it! And while ordering the bra from an online shop, I happened upon this edifying video. See the Enell difference for yourselves, ya pervs. ;-)

Oh! And here are my new shoes. Snazzy, eh?

So, with my shoes and my top half of me all sorted, now all I need to do is track down this gear for my bottom half.

BTW, I'm not in any of the photos or the video! ;-)

Sunday, January 10, 2010


You have to see Mog's blog post called 'Cat's Eyes'

I can't stop laughing! :D :D :D

Friday, January 8, 2010

P is for popcorn, pop and pee.

Friday night!

Sooo, that means a night in, a bit of junking out and watching a flic while sprawled on the sofa. I'm such an animal.

This Friday's pig-out? Taine's Popcorn. Taine is one of my bestest friends. We've known one another for about (cough!) 25 years. We lived together, know many of each other's deep dark secrets, etc... and this is her popcorn and it's FUCKING AWESOME!

This is one of those 'go by feel' recipes... no accurate measurements exist; it just depends on your mood and personal perferences.

Get together some:

Pop the corn and bowl it.

Medium heat on - some olive oil - a few spoonfuls.

Add the same amount of butter.

Chuck in the crushed garlic - about 6-9 cloves.

Let it simmer a bit and enjoy that aroma, beautiful.

Add about 1/4 cup of tamari sauce... or soy sauce.

And about 1/8 cup of balsamic vinegar.

Crank the heat and let it bubble away.

Reduce it by about half.
... you don't want it too watery (makes the popcorn soggy) but you don't want to 'burn' it... IME, err on the side of overcooking it.

Take it off the heat and let it cool down a bit.

Then, drizzle it on the popcorn and stir it around.

Now sprinkle on the yeast... think of sugar on cereal. You'll just have to find what's your preference but a couple of spoonfuls is an average start.

Mix that in et voila!

Pour a bevie.

I'm going to guzzle a grapefruit pop. 'Pop' is a Canadian word that I love... it's a beverage with bubbles (Coke, a soda, a fizzy drink) that goes pop ... awww, I think it's sweet word.

Grab your popcorn, your pop, find your sofa, press 'play' on the DVD thingy... and enjoy your flic and your neon yellow pee! ;-)

WARNING! After pigging-out on this popcorn, you will probably noticed your pee turns an amazing neon yellow. It's just the B vitamins in the yeast powder (it's healthy stuff!). If your pee hasn't turned neon yellow, well it means you haven't eaten enough and you should consider yourself a popcorn wimp! :-P

* UK readers. The powdered form is practically impossible to find in the UK. I have sent packages of it over to Taine (a Canuck who lives in England) and had my sis send it to me when I lived there. The flake form just does not work. I will send powder if you want to try this.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Souper Sunday

I make various versions of 'spicy veggie tofu' soup several times a week. I usually use a nice veggie stock, miso or a good Japanese soup base and I add soba noodles or brown rice. For veggies, I just use what's around and sometimes I fry the tofu first just for kicks and top it off with green onions and toasted sesame seeds.

I also do a 'OMFG I'm starving' version using the old earthquake preparedness stash of Itchybum noodles and as minimal cooking work as possible. Here it is:

Not too bad considering how quick it is. My fancy version is much nicer but some days, like today, I needed the 'OMFG I'm starving' version.

You too can eat it:
  1. Stove on - high.
  2. Water into the pot - about 2-3 cups.
  3. Chop some onion - throw it in the water.
  4. Same with a carrot and a clove of garlic.
  5. Add the MSG-laden stock powder that comes with the Ichiban noodles.
  6. Dice up some tofu, chuck it in.
  7. This should be boiling pretty good by now.
  8. ...meanwhile, drizzle a spoonful of sesame oil in your bowl.
  9. Break up the noodles a bit while still in the package and toss 'em in.
  10. And then the frozen peas.
  11. Let it all go for about three mins.
  12. Spoon some hot chili sauce into the mix.
  13. Off goes the stove and pour the lot into your bowl. Yum.
Tasty, quick, easy and though not as healthy as my usual version, it's pretty ok nutritionally.

And today I remembered a little feature on my cheapo point and shoot... so I made a gritty documentary.


Friday, January 1, 2010

Nipple Hairs

Hello 2010! ;-)

For the last year, and some, I've been single and not sexually involved with another human being. Sniffle! But, one perk of this has been not really being too concerned with whether or not I look and feel like a she-sasquatch.

Though I'm not a very hairy person, I could probably knit a small doily from the hair currently flourishing on my shins. And, get this! My name is Marnie and I have three nipple hairs! Two on one, one on the other.

I normally pluck these buggers but I just haven't given them much thought over the months until recently. One has grown to an impressive inch and a half! Cool, eh?

Being the curious sort, I wondered if there was a World Record for the longest nipple hair... well of course there is! A man named Doug Williams has a five incher! So, a ways to go for me then.

I'm going to let them grow though, just to see how freakishly long they'll get... at least until I get laid. Though, at this rate, I may end up looking like this:

Photo from here.