Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Stretchy, comby hairband thingy?


I've been trying to find a specific hair accessory (I don't think I've ever use that phrase before!).

It's a headband but it's also like a comb. It's like a round comb with all the fingers pointing into the centre... and it's stretchy like an accordion... and you wear it like a headband... and it's great for keeping your hair off your face when you're working out.

They were a bit of a fad in the early nineties (I think?) around the same time as the 'banana comb' trend. Actually, what I'm trying to find is sort of like a banana comb...

... but instead of looking like a big vagina is biting the back of your head, it's position on your head is like a headband and it's stretchy, not ridged like a banana comb.

Am I making any sense? I can't seem to describe it, so I've not had any luck finding a pic of one online or what it's actually called to find someone who might sell them. I've looked everywhere locally and have come up empty-handed.

The last time I saw them was in the Co-op where I lived in England. I bought oodles of them then but they've all gone to 'stretchy, comby hairband thingy' heaven. And like the dork that I am, I forgot to look in a Co-op for more when I was in Scotland.

Does anyone have a clue about what I'm looking for? If anyone can find me a stash of these things I will reward generously!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Cadboro Bay

A few days ago I went to one of my favourite areas of Victoria; Cadboro Bay.

It's a very nice area with a nice beach:

A pub:

An excellent independent book shop:

Varied types of housing:

Residents selling flowers, veggies and plants from their gardens:

And, of course, there's Caddy...

Though this is the only version of Caddy that I've ever seen:

Still. I believe....

Do you?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Eat shit and...

Today I went to Fujiya (a local Japanese grocery store) to buy some stuff. Though I'm pretty familiar with Japanese food (I worked in a Japanese restaurant/sushi bar for five years) I still like to browse the aisles and see what's what.

Today, I was in for a treat! Tah-duh....

Mmm-mmm! Nothin like a nice little box of Collon! And for just $1.65, Canadian, I just had to buy it. When I got home, I opened the box... ooooooh! pink interior and a brown wrapper... lol...

Then I opened the brown wrapper... oooooh! Wee little colons... just like on the box!

After reading and re-reading the list of ingredients, I tried one... mmm! very nice. Very similar to those Belgian rolled wafer cookies, but not as sweet. I suspect they'd be very good with mug of coffee... and there's a coffee enema joke in there somewhere I'm sure. I'll leave that to you regular readers.


Friday, June 25, 2010

For Inukshuk Rob

I made an Inukshuk at the summit of Bealach na Ba!

This Inukshuk points to where one can find a pub. ;-)

I googled and found this groovy clip from a motorcycle ride of the road. The pic above is at about 4.20 of the vid.

Now I want a motorcycle...

HP Sauce is da bomb!

And according to the security people at Heathrow, they mean that almost literally. This wee little fucker... this cute little jar of HP Sauce...

and my stupid packing skills... could have blown up a plane! I shit you not! ;-)

Though I had diligently put all my hand sanitizer, moisturizer, perfume, etc in a clear bag (as per instruction), I had earlier chucked the HP into my carry on bag at the last minute, not even considering that it could pose a threat to international airline security. The x-ray dude spotted it and I was pulled aside, felt up yet again and then had to let them go through my bag... the bag with my bras, panty liners and Wind-Eze tablets in it. Serves me right for endangering the lives of thousands...

On the brightside, after my forth security feel-up of the day, I actually started to enjoy it and I finally found out that the underwire in my bra was making the security thing you walk through to go 'beep.' So... when you travel, for the sake of airline travel security, stay off the sauce and freeboob it.