Monday, June 8, 2009

Anyone need cheering up?

I was just reading some news on the BBC website about the BNP winning two seats in the recent EU elections. Fortunately, I soon became distracted by a story about Snowball the dancing Cockatoo. It's good to balance badness with goodness.

Still... two fucking seats?! Ugh! I think a whole damn dancing flock is in order...


  1. Perfect. Just the antidote required following shit news like that. Go Snowball!

  2. Euro elections, they won't make a jot of difference, they'll just disappear to Brussels & live high on expenses.

    There was no campaigning, pish waste of time.

  3. I sure could have used this laugh at about 6:42 this morning. Too funny!

  4. True, in a sense, Jayne but just the fact that they have now have a legitimate stage for their racism is disgusting... and that there were that many people ignorant enough to give them enough votes to get that stage is disgusting... and now various media and political bods have to negotiate how to deal with them (instead of basically ignoring them).

    But then the whole EU has shifted to the right... so hopefully they will be just the canary in the coal mine when people regain some sanity as economies chill out... who knows ... sorry for the rant...

    I owe you an email!

  5. BTW, has anyone watched the video without bobbing their heads?

  6. BNP seems hole lot like PS (perus-suomalaiset) in Finland. Their leader got more votes than anybody in here. He too has spoken "openly about problems in imigration". Such bump bastards, both voters and, he. Cocktoo was funny thou. And probably as good politician as those elected.. :)