Friday, June 19, 2009

Ms Toast Burner 101

When I lived in England, I lived in a small town. While living there, an apparently well known astrologer moved in and she offered cut-rate readings for locals.

Well, curiosity and urging from a friend who had had a reading done, hooked me into having my starchart made and interpreted. I don't believe in astrology and horoscopes, etc but it was very interesting all the same. I received the whole ninety minute chat on a CD (which I've never listened to) and I got to see the inside of her house. ;-)

Obviously, I came away from the experience enlightened about who I am as a person, my goals in life and my purpose on this planet. You can clearly see all of this for yourselves in this trippy little doodle...


  1. NOW you warn us. Thanks a lot.

    Just kidding, Marnie. ;-)

  2. Have you listened to the tape since to see if it all came true.......

  3. Ha! Good point, Mog!

    Hmmm... now I am curious enough to maybe withstand hearing my own voice. I think I will give it a listen... I hope that the sound quality is favourable to my hearing.

    Haha, Judy! Nice to see you, blog-wise. Are you in Swaziland yet?

  4. I like listening to astrologist - very flatering when somebody tryes to read you - usualy nobody cares - that is why I enjoy those readings. Nice graphic - it is like modern day presentation - if you add a chart the presentation looks more sientific :)

  5. Hey nevermind my question Judy, I just read your post on Mog's blog. Enjoy your time in the bush! :-)

  6. That's all very well, but get to the REALLY interesting part......... what was her house like?..... ;-)

  7. Really nice!

    She had a cat that barked like a dog though... some people, eh? :-P