Wednesday, June 24, 2009

For my British friends...

For homophobic follicles:

I don't use this stuff but I do giggle whenever I see it on the shelves here in Canada. Not my photo; swiped it from here.


  1. Marnie, if you are really looking for a good laugh, visit this site.

  2. I love that anti poof,I was confused at first when a Canadian described my hair as "poofy", what could she mean?

    Of course in Britain we sit on poofs.

  3. lol, great link, Bogey, thanks!

    Well Mog, my Canadian brain thinks 'fluffy.'

    I like poofy hair. I can not understand some people's obsession with hair straighteners... to me they make hair look fake, wig-like and plastic (usually). I prefer hair to look like hair.

    Oh, I forgot about those poofs! lol!

  4. That's funny. I know some people that I could sent that too. They are so phobic, maybe it'd help. But, on second thought, better not, I can see them on the street squirting this stuff on poor, unsuspecting strangers...

  5. Okay, being from the states...I'm not sure what a 'poof' is!!
    Don't hate me! ;-)

  6. It's slang for a gay man, usually implying that he is effeminate. Depending on who says it and to whom it is said it can be said with affection or venom.

    Re sitting on a poof. Poof is a homophone for pouffe, a small stool made from fabric or leather.

  7. I've seen those :) My personal favorite is Herbal Essenses Self-Targeted Shampoo! How in a world does it target itself? Is it some new weapon technology :)

  8. "Re sitting on a poof. Poof is a homophone for pouffe"


    One could phone a homosexual while sitting on a poof who's sitting on a poof that's a homophone for pouffe!

    It's the poof time warp continuum!

  9. Great stuff as ever, Ms TB. Some of my best friends are fluffy haired. In fact my wife will be selling jewellery at the Fluffy Hair Pride event in Edinburgh this coming Saturday.

    I get all Frenchy pretentious sometimes and definitely prefer to rest my feet or my erse on a poo-fay.

  10. She is so happy being anti-poof!