Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thursday Challenge - Signs

And I thought my mother could pack for a good guilt trip!

... but it is true. Ducks and geese in extreme climates like Calgary, Alberta need to know when to shove off and migrate south for the winter. Apparently, feeding them interfers with that, making them reluctant to leave and so they die in the snow and extreme cold once winter sets in. Not nice.

Please see my other blog entry about a sign. It's not nice either.

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  1. So, if you feed them, you have to take them in for the winter, or drive them to Florida!

  2. Where I live, Salem, Massachusetts, the Canada geese don't even bother to migrate. They are not really wild anymore.

  3. I know we have alot of geese in our area and I never feed them anyway, because of this reason.

    And well, I'm not buying them a ticket to hustle their hairy butts up to Canada if they aren't in the mood to go!


  4. Aaaah - those Albertan authorities are so considerate to the geese. Over in the Western Isles of Scotland, the story's quite different and the locals are out to reduce numbers:

    Weird how some birds really thrive on human activity. In Edinburgh, as in many places throughout the British Isles, Herring Gulls have given up munchin fish and now rake through bins and gutters for leftover pizzas, kebabs, chips and curries.

    Beautiful big birds but their noise and mess are a real problem. Of course, if we created less waste and disposed of it better, they'd have to beat it out to sea and get back into herring.

  5. Just as I'm about to begin, I glance to the right of this box and read the word "Crappy". And that's the first thing that came to my mind when I read the word Geese. There nice and all, but lets face it, on some of the golf courses I play on, I would rather land in the bunker than on the green. You almost have to chip over their crap to get to the hole because of the landmines they leave all over. Go south already.

  6. This is true but it seems a trifle hard. Got to be cruel to be kind sometimes.
    Feeding them regularly all year round would save the poor darlings keeling over in the winter if they didn't feel the urge to fly when they should.