Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The definition of cute.

Seen just a few hours ago and I'm still all awww-y. :-)


  1. Hot dang dingy. What is it about fluffy wee things that really is so cute? I never dug that ugly duckling kids tale thingy. Ducklings just arenae ugly and thanks for proving it Ms TB (even if you are a bit o a soppy cow).

  2. that'd be nice with some hoisin sauce and pancakes... ;)
    I wouldn't really...I'd wait until it's older. Eeep.

  3. Geez...and i thought I was the definition of cute.
    Apparently not.


  4. I'm a lot of a soppy cow. This is just the very tip of the soppy cowberg. :-/

    Jane, you monster! =:-o Sweet noodle sauce, surely!