Sunday, April 19, 2009

People are funny...

You just never know who you'll bump into.

A couple of days ago, I was out and about, camera slung over my shoulder when a woman came bounding by me from behind. We were approaching an intersection, so she stopped and I caught up. Looking down, I just had to ask.

She said that they're called Kangoo Jumps and, for her, mean the difference between running or not running. Regular running shoes aggravate her arthritis. She happily posed for a photo! She was 72, she was! Stated loudly and proudly. Then the light turned green and off she ran...

And ran...


  1. I see the ministry of silly walks is at it again! Oh, and they've teamed up with the ministry of Hillarious Hats it seems.

  2. Well, this is a government town...

  3. Holy cow, I've never seen anything like those before...and she was 72. Wow.

    Interesting stuff.

  4. Remarkable, wish I'd had a pair of them 20 years ago. I used to run marathons, and I'm reaping the benefits of knackered joints now!
    Technology eh?

  5. Jelly, I'm now wondering if she said 62... ya know the hearing... either way, hats off to her for being out there, in various senses of the word.

    Marathons Neil? I once ran 5 miles. Once.

  6. I commented, where did my comment go? Is there a great comment graveyard full of lost comments? Well mine is there.

    Whatever it was I said it was very very funny.

  7. There is a lost comments and odd socks vortex. I'm sure of it.

    I have no record of your comment, Mog. That happened to me on another blog yesterday.


  8. Someone is stealing out socks and comments, combined they are a dangerous force and could rule the universe. The sockments and the commsocks are coming. Lock up your daughters.

  9. lol...

    Bring it on, I'm ready! Sock it to me!