Friday, April 10, 2009

Consider these werds...

You know when you're surfing the blogosphere and you make a comment on someone's blog and sometimes you have to type-in a non-word (or as I call that, a werd) into a word verifcation box? Yeah? You know what I mean?

Call me strange, but I've always liked these werds. They seem to follow linguistical rules (or is it morphological?) that already established words follow to be considered real words and not just random letters shuffled together. I have been writing these werds down and considering what they could mean. Currently, these are my three favourite werds:




I have ideas of what these werds could mean (cos I think about this sort of shit way too much) but I am curious about what sorts of meanings these words evoke in others.

So, define the werds, post a comment. Please. If you want to.


  1. A 'slystrad' is a form of horse riding adopted by Britishers in North America whereby they give the impression of riding sidesaddle but really have secreted a fake leg into mix, thereby allowing them to use their two real legs so as to allow them to ride in a civilised European fashion.
    That may not make sense on first reading.

  2. A femate is a female housemate.

    An upsinge is when your warming your hands on an open fire. Then a breeze comes along and blows a cinder into your hair. The smell lets you know you have experienced an upsinge.

  3. I've often wondered this to! I should google these words from time to time.

  4. ok...

    Upsinge - a disastrous outcome. As in 'the upsinge of it all was his head was blown completely off'

    Femate - Female companion (purely platonic): or femidom

    Slystrad - Underhand violin (with sleekit overtones), or one of the guys who sits in the bar in Star Wars.

  5. Pyzahn, is femate really a female housemate? I googled it but figured I was just finding typos for female. BTW, female housemates are horrid!!!

    Neil! All three werds! You must be as insane as I am... I do believe that a femidom is the brand name for a female, or the female, condom. That doesn't sound purely platonic to me. ;-)

    lol @ underhand violin! :D :D :D

    Did you (Neil) get an email from me? I got a notice saying there was no response from your DNS (or whatever).

  6. Neil, did that work? Perhaps that BT email has had an upsinge!

  7. Coming from BC I have to guess UPSINGE would refer to the burning of ones eyebrows while lighting something with the butane turned up too high.
    FEMATE would be a spouse in a lesbian relationship.
    SLYSTRAD is used to describe a sneaky business practices. As in "Bernie Madoff was the best at the old slystrad".

  8. LOL... lighting something... ;-)

    Nice ones Lori!