Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New fresh scent!

I have found a new flower to paint!

After going through all my own photos and strolling around the neighbourhood with my camera in hand, I turned to a few photography blogs that I follow in search of something to catch my eye.

One of the first photos I saw was on Sara Chapman's blog. I enjoy her blog as she's just across the water from me in Seattle. I can recognize the similar climate and plant life in her photography and she really does take great photos.

I was instantly wowed by a close up of a rose on her site but I kept searching and searching various blogs, flickr galleries, smug mug galleries, etc... Suddenly I realised that I was always comparing anything I found to that rose that I saw on Sara's blog.

So I pondered...

Ideally I wanted to take my own photo and paint from that but... well... it's a while until roses start blooming and I am itching to inhale paint fumes, so I email Sara, "Can I have permission to paint your rose?"

"Of course you may paint it."


And here it is. I just love it; the shapes, the colours and Sara has assured me that its scent is wonderful!

It's already sketched out on the canvas. No photo of that though as I sketch lightly and my crap photography skills can't pick it up! And! The final product will likely look much different - realism ain't my style. I'm not sure what my style is yet but I'm not too fond of reality!