Sunday, November 29, 2009

Non xmassy xmas?

I hate xmas and I have pretty much decided that I'm opting out of xmas this year. I just do not have the desire or the energy to feign happily going along with it anymore. I hate it, I have for a long, long time and it's time for me to live my life with integrity.

Question is... what shall I do over the holiday season? I'm very aware of the negative effects the most joyous time of the year (gag) has on certain people and this year, I'm one of those people.

So I'm wondering if maybe I should 'do something' but at the same time, my energy is low. Some days just getting up, dressed and fed is an accomplishment in itself nevermind pestering off somewhere.

Maybe I'll just crank up the heat, put on some good reggae and pretend I'm in Jamaica.

What would be your ideal non-xmassy xmas?


  1. Marnie, Christmas isn't for everyone. And although I do like certain aspects of the season, there are others that just crush me. I've already been thinking about how I am going to kill that day this year. Sleeping thru it has come to mind. Maybe I can meet you halfway and we can sit in a lobby somewhere throwing snowballs at people.

  2. We are opting out this year and may go to a beach. It will probably be a cold beach but it will do.

  3. My nonChristmas holiday would be: Somewhere warm, tropical, and very sunny with a nice private beach next to the bluest ocean. Soft breezes to keep me cool and a fruity tropical drink in my hand. Sound good to you?

  4. rent a logging hut in the mid of nowhere. reseve all non-x-mas food. no telly, radio or www stuffing x-mas to yar throuth. fuck yourself silly on a bear skin in front of that fireplace. how's that? :)

  5. Christmas loving Mother will be with us this year, so we are doing Xmas, sort of. Who knows when I'll get to spend Xmas day with her again. It's been too many years since the last time.

    Since the last time, we have had our own tradition of getting in yummy seasonal food, good wine (some Mulled) and watched movies and TV and Skyped friends around the World.

  6. My ideal Christmas day would be pretty much what I had last year - meal at our local restaurant and then flopping in front of a dvd with a handsome man. Instead, I'm probably going to end up at a family dinner where I'm hoping there'll be a considerable amount of booze. I definitely discombobulated the hairdresser today when I told her I don't celebrate Christmas.

    Best bet: Chinese takeaway.

  7. Hey Bogey, nothing wrong with some hibernation! But snow? What is this thing called snow? ;-) You're right though, crushing.

    Sounds fun, Jayne! Gonna kite surf?

    Sarah - that sounds mighty fine.

    LOL prkl! Tis the season of giving (to myself!) heehee...

    Ah Rob, yes the Mother affect. Fortunately mine doesn't seem overly bothered this year. (I hope.)

    I find Chinese food 1000 times more delicious at xmas for some reason... good idea, Jane.

  8. No matter how you spend the day marnie, it must include chocolate!

  9. When I came to the Islands I stepped out of the mad commercializm that is Christmas. I usually animal/housesit over the holiday for others and spend Christmas with the animals on a long walk, then relax over a nice meal, wine and a favourite video. I usually put up a Charlie Brown tree for the few gifts that arrive in the mail. The peacefulness of the day is what I feel the day/season should be. I usually host or am invited to a singles dinner on Boxing Day without out all the trappings and expectations of Christmas...just good cheer and company.
    Thats were my puzzle piece fits!

  10. I think I would make December and January time to create my own series of small celebrations for the dark time. Try to go outside a lot during the small bit of daylight and appreciate the stark shadows. There would be a lot of candles and many pies. Everything would tick down to the solstice. Actually this doesn't sound much different to how I am every year. Tee hee.

  11. My friends celebrate Christmas in July. Maybe it would be much more enjoyable over the barbeque. :)

    Hmmm....Christmas seems like the great set up of disappointment for everyone. It probably wasn't the best experience for Mary either. An Angel tells her she is "favoured by God" then she ends up giving birth in a dirty barn, in a foreign place away from her family.
    So where did we go wrong in commemorating this experience? Or why do we celebrate this season?

  12. I agree with PurestGreen. Christmas was a time to celebrate long before it became Christmas. It was winter solstice party. Brainwashing over generations has made us feel guilty, because it is mostly guilt that we feel when we don't want to celebrate Christmas, isn't it? Even if we weren't "religious". So we have to free ourselves from guilt. We have a right to celebrate the way we want. So a juicy orgy on a bear skin sounds like a decent pagan way ;)

  13. I'm going with the festive flow here........ bring on the feckin bear skin....

  14. I vote to skip it too. I'm not even putting up decorations or a tree. Why bother? I plan on spending it on the road seeing stuff.

  15. 'A juicy orgy' = words I wouldn't have expected on my blog! lol... love it.

    Thanks for you comments people. :-)