Saturday, November 14, 2009

Scenic Sunday... sammich anyone?

This is the view from the summit of the Malahat... a section of the TransCanada Highway that winds northwards up the Island from Victoria (BC, Canada).

Nice place for a sammich, eh? What will you have? What's your favourite sammich?

Enjoy your sammich and please don't litter...

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Scenic Sunday


  1. OMFG! Whutta scenery. I'm gasping my breath here. Literally. You actually have scenes like that in B.C.? So unfair to the rest of us.

    And the photo is ab fab. So at least ½ of the greds to you. It's not all Mother Nature.

    Place like that who's hungry? For anything else that great photos.

    You ate burned toast? :)

  2. I've only been to VI once and recall being quite gobsmacked at the beauty over the Malahat Heights. Great picture.

    Me - I'm common - I like marmite sammiches. Brits, eh? Whatyagonnado?

  3. Yep prkl, BC is quite pretty in places, I'll give it that. Thanks for half the credit! You must have learned that from someone very wise.

    Marmite!? Just marmite, Ann?

  4. Oooo - so pretty. I like to have a sammich in Oban, a pretty little seaside place where you can watch the ferries come in and just look out at the world. Mmmmmmm...sammich.

  5. Mature cheddar wi beetroot, cucumber and salad leaves.

    How come just about everywhere in the westernised world makes great cheese except USA? What's that squeezy yellow bottle shit about? Seriously, i could never live there just for that reason.

  6. That kind of scenery ruins golf games. When I was out there a few years back, I spent more time with my head in the clouds instead of the fairway. As for favourite "sammich's", whatever is in the picnic basket will do! Glad yer back!

  7. "Marmite!? Just marmite, Ann?"

    Yep - on the freshest, squidgiest bread possible please.

  8. Of course there's absolutely nothing wrong with Naldo's suggestion although I think personally there ought to be some picallili in there somewhere.
    However, given that the question is 'favourite sammich' I have to go with the Taskassburner. This delicacy comprises a chicken breast (preferably still hot, topped with grated mature cheddar, a big dollop of mayo, vigourous dashes of Encona Hot Pepper Sauce and topped with Jalapenos.
    Oh......and a near beer!

  9. Naldo, you're close to stepping on to one of my scared cows... it's not cheese, it's cheez, Cheez Whiz, EZ-Cheez and such like! And it's fake, it's disgustingly full of chemicals and it's not really food... and I love it (once or twice a year). A nice slavering of Cheez Whiz on toasted (slightly burnt) organic whole grain bread... and you have the collision of two culinary worlds on your tongue, divine... ;-)

    Hey Bogey... down in those hills somewhere is that Bear Mountain course... somewhere.

    Squidgy bread and marmite. Yep, you're British!

    Sounds delicious Neil and good thinking on the near beer. You wouldn't want anything flammable around after eating that!

  10. Oh and my favourite sammich... hmmm, depends but lately I've been craving a 'Pastrami on Rye' with sauerkraut, and a crunchy dill pickle.

  11. I've been there before. Beautiful vistas! I'll eat anything if I can have a spot like that one!

  12. What a beautiful view from the picnic table. Great photo.

  13. i'll take a chicken breast and cheese sammich.

    love the location!!

  14. What a great place for a sammich. I have two favourites, peanut butter, banana and strawberry jam, and secondly, tomato, olives and cheese, yummy.