Saturday, December 5, 2009



Happy Blogiversary to my blog!

One whole year of typing about shit fuck all! :-)

It has been fun to shoot off my mouth, bitch about things and express various levels of fucked-up-ness. The real bonus however, as if I needed a further perk, ;-) has been meeting some very good and lovely people, :-) in addition to keeping up with bloggees who I knew before before they were bloggees; it has all been very, very sweet. And that's an example of a run-on sentence.

Now... how should I celebrate?

I owe a lot of blogs that I follow some visits and comments. Please forgive me; it's not lack of interest, it's a serious lack of oomph on my part. Sorry. :-/


  1. Happy Blogiversary, I've enjayed reading your blogs. You could celebrate with a large glass of red and a huge slice of that yummy looking cake.

  2. I think run-on sentences are required during all blog birthday celebrations. I am already planning my own run on sentence for my springtime anniversary. I might even throw in a dangling modifier as an extra treat.

  3. You youngster, happy blog o'versary! Have been enjoying your wierded shit. Very much so. Can't remember the times lmfao. And the others with so much warmness and emphaty. Thank You!!

    Proper way to celebrate? 1 year ol? I guess diapers and nipples r out of question? 8O Maybe you should drink a bottle, or 2, of red. Then let flow, write it out. In the morning, with a headadge size of Greenland and shaky fingers, try to get connected but server is down. For another 4 hours, or so. Take a glass of that red, just to get the edge off. Day #2... ;) Go gal! LOL!

  4. Happy Blogiversary! And many more!!!

  5. Hip hip hooray!!!
    Happy blogaversary to you etc. etc.

    Love your blob, love your sense of humour, your rants and your honesty. Glad you joined us in the blogosphere and looking forward to more!


  6. Congratulations on surviving the year here in Blogland. Your contributions have always provided a much needed boost of lighthearted whimsy, (I can't believe I just used the word whimsy) as well as some much needed reality checking. Just keep up with your health. That is more important than anything really. Here's to another successful Blog year. Happy Blogiversary! See you around!

  7. Happy blogiversary! Keep up the good shit, run on sentences and all.

  8. happy blogoversary!! your blog has always been entertaining, funny and insightful.
    don't ever give it up.

    sorry i haven't posted a comment to you in awhile!! i did however, nominate you for a Beautiful Blogger award, go to my blog to check out details.

  9. Happy blogiversary mtb. Your shit fuck all is as good as shit fuck all gets!
    Keep it up! ;-)

  10. I'm a bit late to your party - sorry! I'm glad I found your shit - a very happy blogiversary to you.

    It's not often in my life that I would write "more shit please".