Saturday, November 7, 2009

Man in the Moon

I made this slide show a year ago on the first anniversary of my Dad's death. I had also been kicked to the curb by someone just days before... it was a difficult time. Today, it's not as difficult nor as painful as last year. Last year almost killed me, so things are indeed looking up. ;-)

I still miss my Dad though...

The song is 'Man in the Moon' (Nick Cave/Grinderman) and I just today added the captions for my hard of hearing friends. The pictures are just pictures I had and ones I found on the internet. I turned them all sepia-ish and put them to the tune. I didn't think to reference where I got them all, I was all fucked up at the time. Apologies to the copyright gods. Go ahead and sue me... I'll just get my dad to haunt you, he'd like that. ;-)


  1. That's cool. Nicely done. Glad you're doing better this year. It gets better each year, but helpfully you the memories stay.

  2. Very haunting. You could feel the pain mixed in with the photos and song. It sent chills through me. Very well done and creative.

    By making your way through the fog and the mist, you have added another growth ring to your soul Marnie. Time to take a walk in the sun.

  3. You reveal the alienating shattering descent of grief. I get it.