Friday, July 31, 2009


Some of the hottest local temperatures ever recorded lately. Today, it's suppose to only go up to 28 but the last few it was 34-36. I dislike the heat, anything above 24 and I melt. So, not much energy at all to blog.

I'm feeling conflicted by that CBT* appointment...

On the one hand, I went there fully expecting one thing: CBT, and left with something else: the suggestion of acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) and a book about it; The Happiness Trap. I'm reading the book and although I can very much understand the ideas and see their worth, I feel quite cynical about it. The book comes-off as a bit gimmicky; light and fluffy... and then I start feeling like I'm doomed to be a prisoner of my anxiety.

On the other hand therapy dude was very good, easy to talk to, nice vibe and reassuring. I could tell that he understood OCD and anxiety. I know a few people with OCD and from their, and my own, experiences it's surprising the numbers of psychologists who don't understand OCD. So, that is good, he gets it. Plus he's known locally as an anxiety specialist and he was recommended to me by previous CBT therapist chickie who no longer see clients (damn her, she was excellent).

Has anyone ever read 'The Happiness Trap'?

*By the way, CBT in this instance is cognitive-behavioural therapy, not cock and ball torture. Just reminiscing about my first few internet searches for CBT many years ago and if you click on that link, you've only yourself to blame. ;-)


  1. Crucial point I think is that CBT dude 'gets' OCD. You're bang on about psychologists whose understanding of mental health come from the pages of text books.

  2. .....And did you really think I wouldn't click on the 'other' CBT link?.... :-( ow!

  3. I'm glad the 1st appointment went OK, fingers crossed.

    want to swap weather ? Its 12 degree C, and raining here !

  4. Good point, Neil and even I crossed my legs. ha!

    Thanks, P. The grass is always greener, eh?... actually, that is very true from my point of view... all the grass here is a lovely shade of yellow and crunchy.

  5. someone else willing to swop weather here - any takers for a classic british 'summer', bah! the grass here is very, very, unnaturally green.
    Given the link, perhaps it's just as well for cbt guy that he's good! ;)

  6. ps - we are quite obsessed with piers. my favourite nightclub is on the end of the pier - perfect club location, until they got all uptight about letting you out onto the end of the pier. bah!

  7. Piers, yes and all those little beach huts all squished together. I find it charming and fun but still very foreign compared with notions of 'going to the beach' in western Canada.

    Harbours are commercialised fer shure but it would be sacrilegious to build up a beach here. As explained here:


  8. Don't tell me..... Some dude has broken in and pissed all over your blog?......bummer man.

  9. .... and that blog really tied the internet together...