Friday, July 17, 2009

With almonds...

From a local sidewalk, a few years ago.


  1. Did they pull those souls out of hell?

  2. As Homer Simpson would say:
    "Mmmm, panfried souls"

  3. As an atheist, i can only imagine they were pan frying groovy music. Not sure how they did that though.

    Did you ever catch a 70's/80's tv show in the UK called That's Life? It was a fairly pish mixture of 'amusing' consumer calamities, penis shaped veg, singing dogs and menu/signage misprints/misspells. Strikes me that Canada is the world capital of the misprint/misspell.

    At least yours are funny though. How does Canada shape up on the cock shaped carrot front?

  4. I would be so pissed if after I die my soul is cooked with almonds. I hate them. Hopefully someone will stretch to cashews. And maybe throw in a red pepper.

  5. Hey! That's an interesting idea, Jane... there's soul food and then there's soul food.

    How would you want your soul to be prepared for human consumption!?

    lemme think...

  6. Have not heard of that show, Naldo but I think the world capital for wonderful misuse of English is Japan... followed by China. <-- hilarious site!

    Yep, plenty of rude carrots...

  7. I think I'd like to be in a soup. With noodles and lots of green onions.

  8. Chicken Vindaloo with a side dish of steamed rude carrots? Call it Taskers Revenge.