Sunday, July 5, 2009

What's for brekkie?

The most important meal of the day... the breaking of the fast... as they say.

I am a breakfast eater; I love it. And probably because I've lived on my own for much of the last few years, I've maybe developed odd breakfast habits. Contrary to my blog name, I rarely ever eat toast (a very typical Canadian breakfast food). I don't usually eat other typical Canadian breakfast foods either: eggs, cereals, French toast, pancakes (North American kind), bacon, granola, etc... I like all that stuff but typically I prefer a big mug of strong black coffee and something very spicey.

This morning: coffee, honeydew melon, a few cold leftover boiled baby potatos (yum) and a few slices of some very spicey Italian ham (I forget the name). My mouth is still burning. Heaven.

I very often double-up my evening meal and eat the half the next morning; day old, ice cold spicey stirfries = bliss.

Do you eat breakfast? What is a typical breakfast in your part of the world? What is a typical breakfast for you? What is your favourite? Any weirdness you're will to fess up to?

Over to y'all.


  1. Right now I would kill for a sit down breakfast of any kind! But alas, my kitchen is still in my living room and the smell of paint fumes does not exactly stir up ones appetite. My general preference is coffee with an extra helping of coffee with the odd toasted English Muffin with Peanut Butter or Butter and Honey. From time to time I do like to whip up a spicey omelette with some mouth watering Italian Calabrese with some hot peppers just for the added excitement with left over fried potatoes. That's about as creative as I get on that. Now I'm freaking starving and these BBQ Fritos just aren't cuttin' it!

  2. My breakfast contain 2 LARGE mugs of strong coffee and 3-4 cigarettes. Has been as long as I can remember. Can't eat anything until 2-3 hours after waking up. Then I'm starving and will eat anything I can get my hands on.

  3. Ah, kitchen reno = eat out! Actually if I ever need to reno my kitchen I think I'll just move! Far easier. ;-)

    Very nutritious, prkl. =:-o

  4. Out kitchen is also upside down at the moment - there is only so much take-out one can eat in a week. Bored now.

    I love cereal at any time of the day - brekkie, lunch or evening meal - something delish about cold milk on crunchy cereal - Frosties, Cheerios, Weetabix and Bran Flakes with fresh strawberries are the best!

  5. Ms toast burner doesn't eat toast?

    My favourite breakfast is
    Coffee, then more coffee,
    toast, sometimes burnt
    On weekends an omelette sustains me for the day

  6. I eat the exact same thing every day, a toasted whole-wheat english muffin, and coffee. Not being a morning person, the sameness of the routine enables actual food to happen. If I had to figure anything new out, or make any choices, all would grind to a halt.

  7. Cereal!? lol! It takes all sorts... ;-)

    OMG Mog... yes!

    'Ms toast burner doesn't eat toast?' Would you eat bread-shaped charcoal briquettes? ;-)

    I had a housemate like that once Sara; I'm now officially afraid of you. ;-)

  8. I generally tend to go for a mug of coffee (or two) and some orange juice then have an early lunch. I don't much care for most breakfast food - and gross as it undoubtably is, my ideal breakfast would be a cold chinese or indian take away. Ahem.

  9. My favorite breakfast is French toast and hashbrowns with a cup of coffee.

    I need an explanation on "North American pancakes". What other kinds are there?


  10. In England, pancakes are more like what we would consider crepes. Imagine my surprise one morning... famishly awaiting my idea of a plate of pancakes and receiving a couple of flaccid crepes. Was not a happy bunny.

    I've had Japanese and Polish/Ukranian pancakes as well, all very different.