Tuesday, July 21, 2009

For my British friends...

I live in an apparently 'Little Britain' type city in Canada (Victoria, BC) although it's usually only called that by people who have not been here, have not been to Britain or by people who market the city as a tourist destination.

Yes, there are some nice Victorian homes but step away from them and the contrived 'British tea rooms' (none of which are owned by British people) and it's just a very west coast Canadian city: lots of greenery, lots of mountains, lots of water, lots of people from somewhere else, lots of Native Art, lots of homeless people and lots of guppies, yuppies and hippies.

To underscore my point, ages ago Neil posted a photo of red phone box on his blog. I thought it would be a snap to find one or two locally since it's apparently so British here. I have tried to find some British phone boxes in 'British' Victoria. I even asked at the tourist office. Nope, they didn't know where one might be... eventhough photos of them are on tourist brochures. (excuse me while I roll my eyes).

I stopped thinking about it until I was just flipping through some of my photos from the wild west city of Cowtown, Alberta and wouldn't you know it.


  1. Weird weird weird. Canada never ceases to amaze me. On first thoughts, i'd far rather go to a place called Cowtown than one that's bigged up as Little Britain.

    But now i'm not sure. Vic looks cool to me - the toursist peeps should big up the greenery, mountains, native art and guppies (are they fish?)

  2. I used to live very close to Llanddewi Brefi (and yes I can pronounce it right) and the locals got truly fed up of complete idiots coming to the village, possibly stealing the sign and generally acting like idiots, and yelling about being the only gay in the village. Ha, and only after I've written this sentence do I realise you're not actually talking about the TV programme.

  3. Ahhhhh, I forgot about that Little Britain show... I meant the other meaning... although, when I think about some people I know here....

    Naldo, Victoria is nice. It's very nice... and when I wander around I wonder why I don't like it here and want to leave.