Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Biting bullets.

The CBT dude (cognitive-behavourial therapy) called a while ago. He has a cancellation and would I like to start CBT this afternoon? I had told him I'm flexible with my time and was eager to start and if he had an earlier than August 4th opening, give me a call.

He called my bluff! ;-)

Gulp! =:-o

I'm both excited and freaked out and it's 30 degrees out there. I'm sweating bullets faster than a machine gun right now. Ahhh!

I suspect my blog might focused on CBT for a while...


  1. Go for it, and tell us all..

  2. Ah tis fate.

    Get yer arse in gear girl and get CBTed


  3. You go girl! And remember run like hell!

  4. Go for it - hope the afternoon achieves all you want it to.

    Three, two, one - and she's off ....

  5. Yeah, but no, but yeah.... oh hell, he called your bluff for sure. Well, best get on with it then. Good luck and be sure to report back.

    Hell, the lengths some people will go to for blog fodder......of course that's rich coming from me!

  6. That's just great. Hope it works out for you. Lots of work ahead, may force be with you. :)

  7. Gaun yirsel, doll. It's not morbid fascination, i really wanna hear how you get on. If you wanna tell us.

  8. That'll teach you to tell some dude you're flexible!
    Good luck, hope it goes well.

  9. You tell her Neil! LMAO! I'm figuring by this time you have already had your appointment, unless of course you had a sudden case of heat stroke! Now, how are we supposed to tell which part of you is CBT and which part is just wise ass Marnie?

  10. ha! I had that coming... :-P

    Thanks for the encouragement everyone!

    The appointment was a bit anti-climatic (shuddup Neil and Bogey ;-)) as we didn't do any CBT, we just talked.

    He seems to think that 'ACT' - Acceptance and commitment therapy would suit me well and better given my life circumstance (ie, emerging from a hellish year).

    I've only heard the name of this sort of therapy and have not read much at all about it but it seems an off-shoot of cognitive behavioural therapy with more of a mindfulness bend to it... which does appeal to me, fer shure.

    But I've no energy to read anything at the moment... it's sooooooo freaking hot, I've melted.

    Thanks again everyone... you have no idea how this affected me.

  11. Glad to hear you're moving forward on it...just an aside but I had to think twice when I read 30 degrees. I automatically thought in Fahrenheit and shivered...stay cool (in every sense of the word).