Thursday, July 2, 2009

Skywatch Friday... for the foot fetishist

Blue skies, blue skies, blue skies; boring, boring, boring.

I was looking over old photos trying to find a nice Skywatch Friday photo and noticed a disturbing theme. So, like any good blogger would, I decided to post about it on my blog. ;-)

City sidewalk feet:

Calgary Sewer feet:

Caterrrpillerrrr feet:

Flowery feet:

Seaweedy feet:

Ottawa Canal feet:

Walking where Romans once walked, Wivenhoe feet:

Poplar tree fluffy feet:

I love my feet:

OMG! feet:

I haven't linked up with the Skywatch Friday website... but check them out for groovy sky photos.

And yes I know my feet are quite grubby. I walked many grubby miles in those sandals.


  1. Love your lovefeet but bit of nailpolish would be so nice. OMG is very acrophobic. Glad you didn't jump. Would've missed you. A lot. New header seems to me like couple of hearts. Nice! Are in love? :)

  2. Long post - what is, about 1o feet?

  3. lol! Good one, Russ!

    Nail polish?! Ugh... My toes would feel like they couldn't breathe!

    Love? bah humbug

  4. Lazy photography if you ask me ;-) Or just showing off that the view of your feet isn't obscured by gut.

  5. You realise that foot fetishists the world over think all their birthdays have come at once?
    What's that new header all about then? I've been trying to work out what subtle message is hidden in there.... to no avail. Therefore working on Sherlock Holmes' theory, the only possible outcome is that it's totally random. If that makes sense.

  6. To add to the list I have a very nice framed photograph (taken by you of course) of my feet and yours at a bus stop in Wivenhoe many years ago.

  7. "If toast always lands butter side down and cats always land on their feet, what happens if you strap a piece of toast on a cat and drop it?" Stephen Wright

    BTW, since when did I owe you money?

  8. Great post. I agree - no nail polish! Ick.

  9. Wivenhoe feet...what was that? You were wearing some kind of foam?:-)

  10. Foam? (looks again) Ha! It does look like that! Alas, it was just a white linen shirt. Wivenhoe was where I lived in England.

    Simon, yeah I was thinking of that photo! I searched and searched my computer for it but I think that was a pre-digital photo... so you have THE copy. Do you still have a scanner?

    Neil, I'm not sure about my new header pic. It's not entirely random as there is something about it that I like... nature vs culture? modern weeds vs old skool weeds? pink vs green?... not exactly sure.

    Thanks for your comments everybody. :-)

  11. These are such great fun photos/feet. It is good to change things up once in awhile! Have a wonderful rest of the weekend.

  12. I think you've got an idea there for a new photo meme!