Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sweaty Sunday: The Uniboober vs The TC10K

What have I gotten myself into? Last week, I went and registered for a local 10K race; the TC10K. In 83 days, I just might find myself in a scene similar to this:

(A photo of last year's TC10K I swiped from here.)

Insane or what?

I'm chubby.

I've spent the last year doing SFA in terms of physical exercise.

I haven't run beyond chasing after a bus in about 15 years.

I can only run for about 3 minutes at a time before I have to kick it down into a walk.


I'm also in need of a challenge and a goal.

Desiring to shed some lard.

I have some knowledgeable support from Neil Tasker and co-learning to run buddy, Jayne.

And running is something that I've always wanted to do.

So, the insanity makes sense. Besides, it's just the 'rec' class I've entered; I'll be in good company with all of the other middle-aged, chubby, weekend warriors at the back of the pack.

Oh and an update! I received the 'holy grail' sports bra the other day and yesterday was the first test run. It's freakin' great! It took me a while to get it on. 11, yes ELEVEN, hook and eye closures all up the front. It was like trying to close an overstuffed suitcase. It was a battle but I got there. Very comfortable and it works. I love it.

Amusingly though, the bra squishes everything up, front and centre and with a t-shirt on it looks like I have one big boob in the middle of my chest; I am The Uniboober. :-)

Anyways.... (Hi Neil)

I have 83 days to attempt to achieve some better fitness for this 10K race. I don't think that I will be able to run the whole thing but I do think that I will be able to walk/run the sucker in about an hour and a half and that's my plan.

I'm going to try to keep track of my progress on my blog on Sundays; Sweaty Sunday.

Week 1 (this past week) NT's Plan was:

- 10 mins brisk walk. Followed by:

- 3 mins jog. Followed by:

- 3 mins walk.

- Repeat 3 times.

- Finish with 5 mins brisk walk.

Total workout time: 33 mins

9 mins jog
24 mins walk

I am so out of shape! Not once did I achieve the above in full, as directed, but I'm getting there and improving, which is the point. And it's been fun and enjoyable ... until the muscle soreness kicked-in. Toilet seats are soooooooo low when your quadriceps are screaming. ;-)

I'm damn proud of myself for taking those first running strides despite feeling like the whole world was watching and for actually taking up something I've wanted to for quite some time. It's going to be a lot of hard work. One week in and I'm sore and exhausted but it feels great. :-)


  1. Ha, know what you mean totally! My one boob makes me feel like I should be doing that Titanic thing and leaning forward all the time.

    Yay, I got an honourable mention in your blog!

    Are you stretching post-running? Not sure you should be quite that stiff, however, as I can get muscle soreness from lifting a coffeecup, maybe...

    One for Neil?

  2. I'd write a longer comment, but all that exercise has me wanting to lie down for a bit....

  3. Good on you Marny. Do remember to do your warm up stretches before your workout and your cool down stretchs...they will make a huge difference. Have faith...I was 299 lbs when I did my first 10k 12 years ago and lived to talk about it! I lost a total of 127 lbs and have kept it off...I liked the head space run/walking put me in.
    Keep up the good work.
    Smiles and applause

  4. admiration and amazement from me. My hips wouldn't cope with all that pounding so that's me out.... I never could run -even as a child.

    I used to wear a sports bra for horse riding. I had what I called a monobosom. The problem with that was that the car seat belt wouldn't sit across my chest and used to end up somewhere across my neck and into my armpit. Very uncomfortable and hardly safe.

    Have you noticed that Her Maj has a Royal Monobosom?

    Anyway, good luck with the running. I hope your top up health insurance is up to date.

  5. Thanks for the comments! :-)

    Wow again, Carolyn. That's fantastic!

    Re: my sore muscles. It's just the way I am. Even when I was very fit just doing a different exercise or anything different (coffeecup lifting! ;-)), my muscles always got sore no matter how little or a lot of stretching I do.

    (nerd mode: on) I've also done a fair bit of research into DOMS (when I use to be more seriously into weightlifting) and, according to much research, stretching has little to no effect on muscle soreness (DOMS) but I still stretch cos I like the feeling.

    Brief info:

    (nerd mode: off)

    Hmmm, attached to the front of a ship or royalty, who knew a bra could open up whole new career options!

    I'm like that with seatbelts too... even with my normal bra on. I always tuck the shoulder strap under my arm... probably shouldn't... but the straps rubs on my neck... hate it.

    Ok, Monday... let Week 2 begin!

  6. I am so proud of you and I know you will do the whole 10k one way or another. I mwan, how can you fail with a super bra and blue shoes? Go girl Go!!

  7. Awesome! I was wondering when I read about another inspiring declaration on your blog! You go girl!

  8. I too am built for comfort, not speed.

    I will quietly cheer you on for your Sweaty Sunday and look forward to updates on your speed and agility - oh, and your uniboob.

    Well done you - I will sit down, eat a biscuit and raise an admiring glass in your honour.

  9. Thanks Chris, Kathreen and Ann! :-)

    'Built for comfort, not speed' - haha! No matter how fit I can get, I've always had meat on my bones. Comfortable meat! :D

  10. Thought this might be of some assistance to your screaming quadriceps......

    'comfortable meat'......LOL!

  11. LOL!

    I was wondering how you found that but then on the same site I found:

    ... and it all made sense...

    Now, THAT is a remote!