Thursday, January 21, 2010

A blog post with a purpose.

I heard on the radio that a new Canadian edition of Monopoly is being made and that people can suggest and vote on which Canadian cities they'd like to see on the board. Being a local radio station that I was listening to, the suggestion was, of course, 'vote for Victoria.'

Well, 'fuck that!' I exclaimed. 'I want to see Dildo, Newfoundland on the board!'

So, like the good, obedient Canadian that I am, I went to the suggested website (, registered and nominated the fair town. I will return daily to renominate it and vote for it. I am just that obsessive!

If you too would like to see Dildo on Canada's new Monopoly board, please do the same, aww good doggie.

And now, a little video about Dildo, NF.

I do believe that the above is old news and Dildo will be remaining Dildo. Whew!

In summary, if love Dildo as much as I do, please register and vote!



  1. Was it an accidental find by your dog?.....
    Or are you just saving on lube? ;-)
    Good ol' Lloyd George.....thought he'd snuffed it!
    Dildos of the world .... Unite!

  2. I've never seen a dog look so embaressed. I usually throw a stick for mine to fetch.

  3. My question, I guess, is where could one possible go after Dildo.... on the board, I mean. Mind you - it gives a great leeway for the little "counters" for the game LOL

  4. Embarrassed, I sure am, just read the comment in posted the other night, can't believe I spelt it wrong. Whoops! call it a senior moment eh!

  5. I just went on the site but Dildo wasn't listed on the side. Do you have to be logged in to see the full list? Hilarious photo. Once when I was moving house, my vibrator "went off" in one of the boxes, rattling away like a crazy thing. My then husband ran away with the box to try to stop it, and my brother just stood there laughing his head off. Ahhh...good times.