Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Holy Grail is a Sports Bra

... that works. And I think I've found it!


Now that my depression is lifting, I'm needing and wanting to get more active to shrink the muffin top that I've accumulated over many months of hibernating under my duvet.

One activity that I'm going to attempt to take up is running! I have dabbled in running before and it's always something I've wanted to do more of but, problem: boobage. It's uncomfortable and embarrassing running with large breasts and so I figured it was either breast reduction surgery or just not run.

I was chatting with Neil of Light and Dark fame about running (he's run marathons! Insane or what?) and he encouraged me to seek out a good bra... that technology had come along way, baby... and that I shouldn't let boobage stop me from doing something that I want to do. So true. (Thank you, Neil.)

So, I started up my google and searched and OMG! I heard a chorus of angels singing when I happened upon the Enell Sports Bra; a sports bra designed specifically for 'well endowed women' by a woman who was frustrated by a lack of sports bras that actually worked.

Here it is:

I haven't received my order yet but I'm all excited to try it out. Industrial strength support by the looks of it! And while ordering the bra from an online shop, I happened upon this edifying video. See the Enell difference for yourselves, ya pervs. ;-)

Oh! And here are my new shoes. Snazzy, eh?

So, with my shoes and my top half of me all sorted, now all I need to do is track down this gear for my bottom half.

BTW, I'm not in any of the photos or the video! ;-)


  1. OK - last picture first = aggghhhh - hilariously disgusting!

    Secondly - Neil is correct, boobage should not halt you doing anything and I do empathize on this point (or is that two points?) but knocking oneself unconscious while exercising is not a good look.

    Thirdly - that video is very distracting ....

    Have fun erasing your muffin!

  2. Okay, I'm now severely traumatised and I think one of those inclusions is possibly guilty of false advertising!

  3. When I decided to take up running there was nothing for the mature, larger boobs so I double bra..d. It worked well even though it restricted the breathing at times. As for the bottoms there is nothing that is flattering until the running has had its desired effect!
    On a serious note walking at a fast clip can have the same effect as running without the damage to the knees...I lost over a hundred pounds walking and continue to walk 8 to 15 kms a day!
    Good luck and enjoy the endorphins!!

  4. I am so glad that you found some good support which will enable you to start running. I tried it myself a few years ago (the running not the support), but kept stopping to admire the scenery, birds and flowers etc. Imagine running a marathon wearing the shorts in your last shot, could start a riot. Anyway, you go for it girl and good luck to you. Will we see pictures?

  5. My only concern about the Enell bra is that there appears be a lot of padding and fabric which could be very hot and uncomfortable when you are exercising.Didn't Oprah sing the praises of a particular bra when she was training for the half marathon?

  6. Eeek! Ann! Muffin-top! TOP! A muffin in Canada is a UK fanny! I quite like my muffin where it is! ;-) But thank you for your sentiments!

    Oh Rob, you delicate wee flower...

    WOW Carolyn! That's very impressive - good for you! I'm looking forward to the endorphins!

    Thanks Chris... Pics? Hmmm... perhaps!

    Good point, Kathreen although I'm wondering more about being able to breath... there is an instructional video on how to put the sucker on - it involves lots of compresssion! And that would explain 'the Oprah bra' descriptor I saw on a website!

    Thanks for your comments, everyone. I still haven't taken those first few running steps yet... whenever I think about it while out walking I feel that the whole world is watching... but I'll get there. If it means wearing a wig and sunglasses I will get there!

  7. Not yet, Jayne!

    I'm still waiting for the bra but watch this space!

  8. it seems very nice.but I'm not interested in yoga or yoga bra sorry.
    sports bra

  9. I would be interested to hear if that bra worked but am concerned the fasteners down the front may rub. Can you let me know pls?