Friday, January 8, 2010

P is for popcorn, pop and pee.

Friday night!

Sooo, that means a night in, a bit of junking out and watching a flic while sprawled on the sofa. I'm such an animal.

This Friday's pig-out? Taine's Popcorn. Taine is one of my bestest friends. We've known one another for about (cough!) 25 years. We lived together, know many of each other's deep dark secrets, etc... and this is her popcorn and it's FUCKING AWESOME!

This is one of those 'go by feel' recipes... no accurate measurements exist; it just depends on your mood and personal perferences.

Get together some:

Pop the corn and bowl it.

Medium heat on - some olive oil - a few spoonfuls.

Add the same amount of butter.

Chuck in the crushed garlic - about 6-9 cloves.

Let it simmer a bit and enjoy that aroma, beautiful.

Add about 1/4 cup of tamari sauce... or soy sauce.

And about 1/8 cup of balsamic vinegar.

Crank the heat and let it bubble away.

Reduce it by about half.
... you don't want it too watery (makes the popcorn soggy) but you don't want to 'burn' it... IME, err on the side of overcooking it.

Take it off the heat and let it cool down a bit.

Then, drizzle it on the popcorn and stir it around.

Now sprinkle on the yeast... think of sugar on cereal. You'll just have to find what's your preference but a couple of spoonfuls is an average start.

Mix that in et voila!

Pour a bevie.

I'm going to guzzle a grapefruit pop. 'Pop' is a Canadian word that I love... it's a beverage with bubbles (Coke, a soda, a fizzy drink) that goes pop ... awww, I think it's sweet word.

Grab your popcorn, your pop, find your sofa, press 'play' on the DVD thingy... and enjoy your flic and your neon yellow pee! ;-)

WARNING! After pigging-out on this popcorn, you will probably noticed your pee turns an amazing neon yellow. It's just the B vitamins in the yeast powder (it's healthy stuff!). If your pee hasn't turned neon yellow, well it means you haven't eaten enough and you should consider yourself a popcorn wimp! :-P

* UK readers. The powdered form is practically impossible to find in the UK. I have sent packages of it over to Taine (a Canuck who lives in England) and had my sis send it to me when I lived there. The flake form just does not work. I will send powder if you want to try this.


  1. How very strange and wonderful. I do not have a popcorn popper, but I shall gaze in wonder at your photos.

  2. Woohoo! Hiya, Ms TB. Long time no

    Always thought popcorn has the texture of stale polystyrene but that stuff sounds right barry. And anything that changes the colour o yer pish has gotta be good for a laugh.

    I've ennoyed many happy moments double droppin Berroca (vit C tabs) then skinny dippin in the Arabian Sea and watchin a long, bright orange stream of pish ooze from my'd ya say...wee man. That's okay isn't it?

    PG, reckon you could pop yer corn in a big pot with a lid.

  3. Hey, PG... I don't have a popper either. Like Naldo says, pop yer corn in a big pot!

    'Stale polystyrene'... unlike the fresh stuff, eh Naldo. ;-P And you peed orange in the Arabian Sea?! How cool is that? I must try that!

  4. I'm fascinated by all the talk of yellow pee, if I take a load of Vitamin B tablets will it have the same effect?

  5. The popcorn sounds great and the neon pee a fun side effect....I remember eating some wonderful cooked beats and then thinking I was dying when my stools exited blood red!
    Smiles and Happy New Year!

  6. I've always thought that popcorn smelled like a hamster cage, cinemas and hamsters smell the same to me.

    Your popcorn sounds excellent though so will give it a try very soon. Maybe even next Monday when we have a Dr Whofest planned.

    Now about the pop. This word is used in the North East of England so I am pleased to be able to used it again in Canada and be understood

    PS, best friend? I thought I was your best friend?

  7. 'Pour a bevie' Your Scottish roots are showing....
    btw.....I've taken a dump in the Aegean that okay?