Sunday, January 3, 2010

Souper Sunday

I make various versions of 'spicy veggie tofu' soup several times a week. I usually use a nice veggie stock, miso or a good Japanese soup base and I add soba noodles or brown rice. For veggies, I just use what's around and sometimes I fry the tofu first just for kicks and top it off with green onions and toasted sesame seeds.

I also do a 'OMFG I'm starving' version using the old earthquake preparedness stash of Itchybum noodles and as minimal cooking work as possible. Here it is:

Not too bad considering how quick it is. My fancy version is much nicer but some days, like today, I needed the 'OMFG I'm starving' version.

You too can eat it:
  1. Stove on - high.
  2. Water into the pot - about 2-3 cups.
  3. Chop some onion - throw it in the water.
  4. Same with a carrot and a clove of garlic.
  5. Add the MSG-laden stock powder that comes with the Ichiban noodles.
  6. Dice up some tofu, chuck it in.
  7. This should be boiling pretty good by now.
  8. ...meanwhile, drizzle a spoonful of sesame oil in your bowl.
  9. Break up the noodles a bit while still in the package and toss 'em in.
  10. And then the frozen peas.
  11. Let it all go for about three mins.
  12. Spoon some hot chili sauce into the mix.
  13. Off goes the stove and pour the lot into your bowl. Yum.
Tasty, quick, easy and though not as healthy as my usual version, it's pretty ok nutritionally.

And today I remembered a little feature on my cheapo point and shoot... so I made a gritty documentary.



  1. Loved the book, adored the movie, now waiting for the sequel!

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  3. Try again, I made chickpea curry last night and it was so colourful, I nearly sent you a picture of it!

  4. Was that a nipple hair I spotted in the soup? ;-P

  5. That should make your hair grow!

  6. soup, hmm.. lovely winter food. looks almost ateable. eat chicken! 8D

  7. Looks far, far too healthy. A couple of slabs of Terry's Chocolate Orange - that what that meal needs. Do you have any?!

  8. I make nearly the same soup but a faster version is to put the soup mix, noodles and water in a bowl and microwave it for 7 minutes then add frozen peas and corn and slice in some cold tofu to cool it down enough to eat immediately. I like your idea of adding some sesame oil. Next time!

  9. Thanks for the comments, people!

    Great tip there Benjamin!