Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Harry Potter and his Nimbus 2000.

This is a post loaded with confessions and ends with a dilemma.

Unrelated photo of a very cool car. Love it!

Confession One:
A few weeks ago I read Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. I have since read The Chamber of Secrets and I'm now just getting into The Prisoner of Azkaban.

I purchased these three books a few years ago for a dollar when a local bookshop went tits up. I was actually intending to donate the books to a charity. Somehow I didn't.

Then a few weeks ago I was in the mood to read something light and easy and as I scanned my bookshelves I kept coming back to Harry Potter.

Confession Two:
I've really enjoyed what I've read.

It's not intellectually challenging nor thought provoking but it does take me back to my childhood and the discovery that I could go on adventures through reading. Very simple and very nice.

Confession Three:
I've seen Harry Potter's willy.

It happened long ago when I was reading an article about 'child stars' and how some manage the transition to serious adult actor and how some (most) do not. Daniel Radcliffe was presented as a current example of going about it the right way, ie, do some serious theatre and get your lad out.

When I saw the the nudie shots that the article had mentioned, I thought that they were rather arty and sexy and that he's an attractive young man. And never thought about it again... until a couple of days ago when I rented the DVD of Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone.

How do I watch wee Harry Potter after seeing what I've seen without feeling like a right perv?



  1. I see your dilemma, but after seeing that website I'm not sure you need worry about Harry.

  2. He's got a fair todger on him, I'll give you that. Watch and be damned!

  3. I'm pretty sure that when Harry crashes through the wall on Platform 9 3/4, the 'todger' as Jayne so delicately puts it, disappears and Harry is left with a completely smooth area.... a bit like Barbie.
    So I'm told anyway...

  4. Barbie's pal Ken also has a bit like that.

    I looked! :-P