Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Movies Reviews

Ms Toastburner style...

Crazy Heart
OK-ish. A bit dull.

Jeff Bridges was great but obviously the Oscar he won for this role was not really for this role but for his performance in The Big Lebowski. That's my very biased take! :D

Robert Duvall was great too. I wish there had been more of Bridges and Duvall together in the screen as their characters and chemistry were the only really good bits in this film. The rest of the characters were two dimensional and cliched.

Tested my tolerance for country music.

Pretty good.

Irritating pretend amateur documentary style cinematography.

Fantastically frightening acting from Mo'Nique. She was brilliant.

Into The Wild
I couldn't finish watching this one. Two reasons:

First, it's not a good film if you're hard of hearing. There is a lot of 'narrated thoughts' in this film - mainly from a woman whose voice is hard to hear. And she talks aaaaalll the friggin' time! There's a lot of reading of subtitles while flashback scenes are happening in the film. I had to rewatch so many bits; once to read the narration, once to watch the flashbacks.

Second, it's telling that when the main character was getting beat up by a railway worker, I had the thought, 'give him one for me.' I didn't like the main character at all. I didn't care about him nor find him compelling, just irritating.

That all said, I've just found out that there is a documentary of this Into the Wild tale called 'Call of the Wild' -link- (not the Jack London story). I would be interested in seeing this as it is an interesting story. I'm going to try to tract this down locally.

Harry Potter

I've now seen the first two Harry Potter flics. These were fun. Loved them.

I survived the willy thing. ;-)


  1. Goodness me, you have been busy!

  2. Ms. Toastburner - you'll be able to appreciate Mr. Radcliffe's *intellect* when he appears on QI some time in the next few weeks. I presume it'll go up on youtube. Stephen Fry was most taken with his intellect.

  3. Ha!

    I suspect you're correct, Simon cos Mr Fry probably ran his eyes over the horsie photos too.

  4. Hmmm.... bet it wasn't just his eyes that ran over the horsie pics.