Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Or balls of flowers or balled flowers...?

Last night, out for a stroll, I saw these:

I used to garden a lot and got quite obsessed with it all but I have never come across these weird little doodads.

Whatever they are, they make a nifty silhouette planted amongst some birds of paradise:

Part of me likes the idea that they're actually 'real' daisy-like flowers and someone has come along and plucked and pocketed every single petal. :D

But, if you look real close (enlarge) you can see many tiny blooms on the right side of the ball.

Or I think they're blooms?

Does anyone know what these flowers are?


  1. hey! i found your blog! no idea about the butter balls but i better see you sunday, sunshine!

  2. They are actually not plants at all, but the sex organs of Martians! Martian balls if you will.

    Congratulations, you are now the proud father of a new generation of little green men. But they're not Irish!

  3. Just my luck. I have sex with a Martian and I didn't feel a thing. No more alien sex for me!

    Yep FE, I'll be the one dressed in pink, lol.

  4. I think they look like Billy Balls, or Billy Buttons or something like that! Not sure if they grow in Victoria though? Balls, buttons, who knows?! Great photos and outlines though.

  5. So the Martian's name was Billy! Got it! ;-)

    Seriously though, yep, googled and I think you're correct, Ann. They certainly don't grow here in the wild (at least not yet!) and they had been just freshly planted out - they weren't there last week... I'll see how they do as autumn comes and goes. I hope they like salty air! Thanks, Ann!

  6. Please take care of my salty balls!
    I may need them sometime in the future when I return to your planet.

  7. No worries, Billy. I'll hang them from my rear view mirror. :-P

  8. Have you NOT seen Invasion of the Body Snatchers? Rule No One: Stay away from strange plants that appear suddenly.