Thursday, September 23, 2010

Skywatch Friday: Air Traffic Control

At the entrance to Victoria's Inner Harbour stands a wee inukshuk. I like to imagine that he controls the float planes that buzz in and out of the harbour.

It's not a real inukshuk though. Real inukshuks are made of stones balanced upon one another. When you zoom right in on this fella, you can see that he's made of driftwood that's been fastened together somehow. But that's ok by me; I like him. But what I like most of all is that he's wearing a snazzy wee backpack!

Cute, eh? :-)

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  1. It is very cute and I so love it. I hope the people in the plane saw it. Great shot!
    The sky

  2. It's difficult to tell whether he's standing up or sitting down.

  3. Has he got sammiches in there, do you think?!

  4. Oh he is too wonderful and the fact that he's not a real Inukshuk is not lost on me!

    Perhaps he has his netbook in the pack, you know, for blogging!