Monday, August 30, 2010

Sweaty Sunday: Let's try that again!

Ok, well! I don't think I'm going to achieve my Fitness Challenge:
Run 50 Miles in August! (see right). I can't run 10 miles in two days. And I won't cos I've learned the hard way what happens if I push too much, too quickly.

Just a turtle I see occasionally. Someday I might run faster than him. :-)

I may reach 46 miles but the goal of 50... nope!

Here are my excuses/reasons:

1) Heatwave! A week of temperatures over 30 degrees. No way should people, especially more heavily insulated ;-) people, run in that heat.

2) The day after the heatwave, I was literally on my way out the door to go 'run' when I dipped into my top drawer for a pair of socks... and shut the drawer...a bit too hard... which caused the 'heatwave fan' I had propped on the top of the dresser to topple... and fall right, smack on the top of my bare foot.

Much swearing, bleeding and swelling... it was really quite gross!

And another few days of not being able to run cos I couldn't even walk because of the swelling.

But, once it was better I eased back into it.

I didn't get to the 50 mile mark but I think that I did pretty good at trying despite a heatwave and a hurtie. I'm gonna give it another go in September!

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