Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Handsome

Is this dude dreamy or what?

Check out that dark wavy hair with the Elvis styling at the front and those turned-up-hem trousers.

This is a photo of my late Dad probably in his mid-twenties... so 1950s, I guess. Waaaay before my time (my Dad was in his forties when I appeared) but it's one of my favourite photos of him. I can see why my Mom, after years of his pestering, finally went out with him.

He'd be 82 today.

I miss you, Pa and Happy Birthday. Sending you a big hug, an eye brow tug and a huge slice of banana cream pie (like your Mom made). x.

The photo above is from a team photo of some sort - my Dad played football (North American football) in the CFL and other leagues. I'm not sure which particular team or league photo this is. But I bet the dudes in the back row were a bit unimpressed with this particular photo. ;-)


  1. Ha - great photos - I have a few like these of my dad - who I also thought was quite a handsome fellow. A thoughtful nod to both of them - my dad would have been 75 on Sunday. X