Friday, February 5, 2010

Virtual Hairdoo

I need a haircut and a dye job and I want to have some fun.

My natural hair colour is dirty blond with a sprinkling of silver. I normally get highlights to make the silver less obvious. But, once in a while I like to play. Usually that means home dye jobs and self-cuts... and eventually to the hairdresser to get it all fixed!

I don't mind, it's part of the fun but thanks to the internet, I've found a whole new level of hilarity. For about 20 bucks, Canadian, I registered with 'TheHairStyler' - a website where you can upload your pic and get virtual hairdoos!

OMG... I nearly peed myself so many times. In terms of sheer entertainment value, I think the cost is well worth it! I ache from laughing.

To do the virtual hair styling thing you need to upload a photo of yourself, taken fairly straight on, with your hair out of you face. Here's me with a temp darkish blond dye-job, a stupid expression and a t-shirt wrapped around my head; the before.

And then let the fun begin! Here I am in some female celebrity doos!

As Lady GaGa Green.

Me as a post sammich pig-out Amy Winehouse:

Whoopi Goldberg-locks.

Anna-Nicole Marnie.

Rock Lobster!

I think Ivana Trump's doo suits me. Her bank account would suit me even better!

As Rihanna. Words fail me.

Not being one to confine myself in terms of gender, here is me with some famous men's hairdos...

Me showing off my X Factor as Simon Cowell.

Dishing out soothing sounds as Kenny G:

Stylin' it like Beckham. I actually have had my hair almost exactly like this before... and before Beckham did! I'm that cool!

Are you gonna go my way, Lenny Kravitz?:

Elvis has left the building... but he left behind his hair!

Some rap dude (I forget!).

Other doos...

Here I am with Hurricane Katrina perched on my head:

Me as Princess Leia... after shagging Hans Solo:

Probably the most unflattering doo I came across!

But, I sort of actually like this!

I have no idea...

Again, not a fucking clue... lol!

Sooooo, do you have a favourite? Which doo should I go for? Which one suits me best? ;-)


  1. Sorry...I'm too busy peeing myself laughing to help you pick out one of those styles (although I'm quite drawn to the "Princess Leia" and the "I have no idea")!

  2. I've had the unflattering one, for many years...Leia is good, some of the Beckham/Rock Lobster are good. Not Amy or red lesbo (last one) or green, pls.

    No blue?

  3. Oh go for the pink bob thingy, but in deeper red, or the Amy Wino one in blue - kinda Marge Simpsonish....or you could just do a Telly Savalas.

  4. Bloody hilarious! The shagged out Princess Leia makes you just look simple, I'm afraid - and rap dude is just scary. Reds and greens are not floating my boat either marnie.

    I'm liking Ivana or Beckham. You definitely suit a soft fringe and a "long" short layered hair cut. Softer but funky. Clear as mud? Good.

  5. Love the red/pink bob and the Beckham doos. Thanks for my morning chuckle Marnie!

  6. The Beckham looks good on you and I also like the pink bob although it would clash with the blue running shoes.

  7. pink bob!!

    great fun

  8. If I was evil I'd say a combination of the rhianna and the dark red! ;)

  9. Hmmm blue... Marge Simpson... I shall try to find that! I've just realised that of all the millions of hairdoos that I've saved from the sight, only three of them are serious considerations - and I didn't even post them! ha!

  10. I'm with Chris.....the pink bob defo....the clash makes no difference to me! ;-)
    As for Marnie Simpson.... how sexy would that be?

  11. I love the pink bob, very retro!!

  12. Love this. It's the hurricane Katrina one for me. Whoosh!