Monday, September 14, 2009

That's My World Tuesday... fancy a shag?

Today, I spent a couple of hours down at Clover Point. It's a popular place to drive down to and do whatever. You see people reading, snoozing, crying, having discussions, smooching, smoking pot, knitting, eating, arguing, meditating, wave watching etc... it's just a nice place to go cos the view is great, everyone does their own thing, it's peaceful yet there's always a distraction if you want one.

I usually read and stare off into the straight (Straight of Juan de Fuca).

Here's an aerial view. (Not my pic, got it from here.)

A view behind me. That's Trial Island to the east.

The view out the front window, looking west.

And the Shag, fancy it?

Here's a somewhat amusing video of someone's evening 'cool off' scooter ride down to Clover Point. At about the 2 minute mark he passes near where I live and from there is the drive I take a few times a week.

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  1. So beautiful, scenic and tranquil where you live. Aren't the Olympics going to be on your doorstep? Lovely photos.

  2. Looks like a great place to spend some time! Just relaxing and away from the stress.

  3. He calls you a Hipster Doofus eh?
    Lets see, who's the twat riding a "bike" (sewing machine) talking to himself and complaining it's too hot and too cold...diddums!

    Stunning spot though....can see why you enjoy chillin' there. ('scuse the pun!)

  4. Looks like a wonderful to spend time and chill! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hey Marnie, What a wonderful spot. I love places where you can enjoy the beautiful of this amazing world and if need be the antics of the human element.
    I would be so much road kill doing what this dude in his video on his SCOOTER(sewing machine)...I have no illusions about my "ride", it's fun, it's cheap but it can be oh so dangerous.
    Have a wonderful day.
    Blessings and smiles

  6. Wolynski - I'm not sure if you mean the mountains or the games! The Olympic Mountains in Washington State are visible to the south and are gorgeous. The Winter Olympics will be on the mainland... and from an Islander's point of view, that might as well be China.

    Ooo, thanks Rob... I couldn't hear what he said! Hipster doofuses! lol... I have to somewhat agree!

  7. That´s a wonderful place on the beach to do whatever that it is that you do. I´m not fancying the shag, nooo thank you.

  8. .....well, if nobody else is having the shag...?

  9. Great place, you can't beat being by the sea. I enjoyed the ride there but that is so not a bike. Come and see my husband's big blue THAT'S a bike.

    That little runaway dog looked very like a papillon. How nice to see a Canadian version.

    We have shags on the rocks here too. (Beware the barnacles).

  10. That cheesy poem on Neil's blog's a beaute. Very McGonnigallesque. Seems like the Scots do bad poetry very well.