Thursday, September 17, 2009

Skywatch Friday... helicopters.

Back to Ogden Point, in Victoria, BC.

I use to live very close to Ogden Point and the one thing that I loved about the area was the thundering noise from the heliport. Loved it, love it.

The Helijet heliport is not the most glamourous in the world...

... but they do have nifty Helijet Only piccies in their parking area.

Oh, I hear that familiar noise... ah-huh! there you are!

It's so loud! Woo! Love it!

And there it lands... Vancouver Harbour to Victoria Harbour in 35 minutes; passengers and baggage off-loaded, out of there and off on their ways within five. The perks of the price tag.

To see more skies from around the globe, click the pic.


  1. I thought they were fun to ride in, but extrememly noisey. Yet the harmonics were an interesting body sensation. Very fun and nice captures.

  2. What a fun set of photos! I love helicopters! My husband bought me a lesson for Christmas one year, but I never got the chance to take it - we moved. Still hoping I'll get to ride one eventually!

  3. Fun post, great shots, beautiful skies! Thanks for taking us along!

    Happy SWF!


  4. I've never done that flight. Usually just do the Queen of oak Bay thing...he, he. Must do it next time.

  5. My future wife was "dying" of a mystery disease, we were on the magical Isle of Skye, she had to be whisked to hospital in Inverness by helicopter, it was a glorious summer's day, my spirits rose - a wee shot in a helicopter, ya beauty! Alas, some clown with a badly fractured leg copped my place in the chopper and i had to hitch back to the mainland then drive onto Invershneck. My future wife had meningitis, she survived (phew!), we still love each other and erm....i never did get that shot in the 'copter.

    BUT - i know what you mean about the sound. Planes are a slightly different kettle o coconuts but there's nowt aurally speakin that i dig more than lying in bed in the dead quiet of night and waking to the faint sound of a wee single engined plane coming towards me, that doppler change of tone kickin in and then the wee machine's sound trailing off off off into the distance. I strain my lugs to get every last ounce of sound out of that. It goes on for ages. I love it. I think it comes from my first memory of life which was lying in a pram, looking out and hearing/seeing an aeroplane.

    Weird cos sometimes i lie awake worrying about all the fossil fuels we humans burn and the mess we make of our planet.

    Anyway, sorry, i do go on a bit. Time to lie down and wait for a plane.

  6. Great series of photos and post Marnie. Helijet services the fishing lodges on the west coast of the island here from June through September and between them and the Coast Guard's big bird we have a lot of air traffic. The thump, thump of the rotor blades is doubled and tripled as the sound echoes off the surrounding mountains. I like them also.
    Have a great day.

  7. It is a first time I am here, I like your title.. One slice at a time :)

    Have a beautiful day.

    My Bangkok Through My Eyes!
    Thailand In Photos

  8. i've never been on a chopper...i was invited once but was too scared to hop in. it was an old Philippine Air Force helicopter---i don't trust those things.:P

  9. Love the helicopter parking signs....

    I like staying in Aberdeen occasionally, and when i do, there appears to always be the sound of a Chopper somewhere, ferrying the souls back and forth to the North Sea....for some reason its a very evocative sound...of what, I'm not sure....there is just something about that sound.

  10. You like the sound of it? Funny, I can´t stand it all. I can understand it if you want loud entertainment and there is nothing much louder than that!

  11. Nice photo story. Have you ever ridden in a helicopter?

  12. In China, when everyone else was being annoyed by the military academy flying fighter planes overhead at all hours of the day and night, I found it strangely reassuring, as I've either lived very close to a minor airport and under the flight path from Gatwick, or in a town used by the RAF/USAF for training fighter pilots...Nothing like the roar of a fighter plane...

    Anyway, I think what I'm trying to say is...funny what you not only get used to, but actually like.

  13. My Skywatch also features a helicopter! Smaller than yours but still noisy.

    Love the colourful wind sock against the blue.

  14. .... never realised you were such a big chopper fan.....;-)

  15. They are fun photos! And thanks for sharing your skies.

  16. Looks like quite a place. I have never been in a helo, but I find them to be impressive. I love the symbols in the parking lot. Like stencil graffiti.

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