Saturday, May 9, 2009

Scotland People... help!

These are some screen captures of a DVD I was just watching (Visions of Scotland)... this building is in Scotland but where in Scotland? What is it? Can you visit it? etc...

I absolutely love this!

EDIT: Added these. These are screen captures, not my photos. They make me wish that I could fly.

There once was a man from...


  1. OMG! & WT*? This gives a hole new meaning to treehouse defenetly. Absolutely wonderful place. Would be so nice to visit there. Hope you find it and get to go.

  2. You just managed to help me get a perspective on those weeds in the garden. Cheers.
    The vid was worth a peek then? Sorry can't help with an ID of the place.

  3. Good luck on this I'm not sure if it is an old castle or just a very large 'home'. But I have looked at over 140 Scottish Castles and have not seen anything that remotely resembles this one. Not even a hint of the town?

  4. prkl... please feel free to swear on my blog. I hope I find it too!

    Glad to have helped, Neil. ;-) Yes, not a bad vid... a bit cheesie. I'm going to add a few pics now that I've a better handle on this 'screen capture' biznus... including a place that you just might recognise.

    Bogey... yeah I think it's a home, or was. Well, I'm sure it's home to all manner of wildlife now. No hint of a town. Just narration about how some structures are preserved and others are left to the ravages of time...

  5. I have not a clue, but that's taking "green" to whole new level!!!

  6. Thanks for the book, I'll let you know when it arrives. Things normally take anywhere between one to three weeks to get here.
    That house is awesome - I too want to visit it, even if it does involve trekking to haggis country!

  7. Hmm, don't know but there are a lot of big houses here in Scotland. A lot were left to go to ruin as the costs to run were huge. The MoD even demolished a castle near here in the 60's due to having left it go to far.

    There are all sorts of things getting renovated - I see one from the M9 but I never get round to finding out what it is!

    You could always borrow one!



  8. My local castle...

    well, ignoring Lithgae Palace....

  9. Howdy. I have a horrible feeling that big hoose was demolished about 5 years ago. Looks awfy like one i used to see through the trees and across a field goin north on the A84 betwen Dounce and Callender.

    The not so lovely local landowner didnae like it on his land so set an accidental fire then had it had it removed and erm....paid off the authorities when they tried to do him for it.

    Hope i'm wrong.

    PS Blackness Castle was used for exterior shots on a film quite recently but i cannae mind which one. Any ideas, Jayne?

  10. I didn't know but the Wiki entry shows it's been in several films. It's better in reality than pics, it doesn't look as grand in photos.

  11. Wish I could help but nothing rings a bell with me. Looks like it was a grand house at one time, shame it's been abandoned.

    If that's Dundee then it must be a small end of it. That shot makes it look like a quaint village when in fact it is a very big and busy town!

  12. Jayne - Thanks for those links!

    Naldo - Ugh, you could be right. The vid is six or seven years old and that hoose has the same look (time of day, tone) as the shots taken around Doune.

    Gennasus - I hate that it was demolished (if Naldo is correct) but I love that it was abandoned and the trees moved in... it is/was wonderfully surreal!

  13. Love that castle with the trees growing out of it. So cool.

  14. ... who had an enormous bri...die.

    The pics of Dundee are actually Broughty Ferry, the suburb where I posted the pics of the pubs and Barometer Cottage... remember them?

  15. with a splash of the broon
    taste buds leap o'er the moon
    when starved tis a great remedy!

  16. I was thinking that that was Broughty Ferry.

    They did show another angle of Dundee but it was in the background - in the foreground was a big oil rig looking thing... I couldn't see the city much but I could see a big hill. I think one of your pics is from a big hill... I'm guessing that's the one. I've already returned the dvd so I can't use my screen capturing wizardry!

    I loved how the narrator said 'whales'! :-)

  17. I found your house. It is called Ury House or Estate and is located in Stonehaven, Scotland. It has a remarkable history. Most of the pics I saw of it were taken without a lot of the foliage getting in the way. I was able to match it up based on the different characteristics shown in your photos. There are a few websites that you can look at.

  18. Wow... thanks Bogey! I love that derelict places link, woo!

    ... I'm not entirely convinced it's the same place. The place in the video was right on the edge of a forest. I get the sense that Ury House is more open... not sure. Lots of similarities though... hmmmm.....

    I will look more later... must go exert my democracy... BC elections (yawn).

    Thanks again! :-)