Friday, May 15, 2009


A few hours ago, I had a very good mug of coffee. It's still lingering on my taste buds...

I practice mindfulness meditation (may blog about that later). Essentially it helps me to chill out and to pay full attention to the present, if I remember to that is. ;-)

This morning, I decided to make and drink a coffee, meditatively... mindfully... ohmmm-ally... haha...

It was one of the best cups of coffee that I've ever had. I love coffee!

Do you like coffee? How do you drink it? Or are you a tea (scrunches up nose) drinker? Do you drink coffee all day? Do you have favourite coffee bevies? Do you make of eat foods with coffee in them? Do you think coffee is evil?

I'm a 'two mugs a day and only in the morning, very strong Kick Ass, black, no sugar, first thing in the morning, prior to food' coffee drinker. When I go out food Vietnamese food, I always have a Vietnamese iced coffee and more than a few chocolate covered espresso beans have been munched (it's the only way I like chocolate).

Who's next?


  1. I have two cups with creamer (artificial) and sugar in the morning before work; no food.

    After I get to work, I have two cups, black with sugar.

    That's it for the day.

    Always fresh brewed, no instant.

  2. Artificial creamer... tsk, tsk, tsk. How can you bastardize a nectar of the gods?

  3. I have had only 2 cups of coffee in my whole life. It´s true.

  4. I love coffee.
    First thing in the morning, I have a cup with milk and a wee bit of sugar.

    Then, the wife and I make travel mugs for our journey to work...I sip on it most of the morning, occasionally heating it up if it needs to be.

    I drink water all day coffee.

    Sometimes after dinner we make a pot of coffee or if we have company.

    I prefer a morning blend usually or French Roast. I like my coffee strong with milk...I will drink iced coffees, coffee ice cream rocks and the smell of coffee makes me weak in the knees.

    We frequent coffee shops and diners for coffee.

    AND of course, nothing goes better with a cupcake then a delish cup of joe!!! :-)

    Great post and I can't wait to read about your meditation stuff. Interesting.

  5. Only two cups! Ever! I'm guessing that chrome3d must be only 14 years old then.

    Ooooo jelly, yes, coffee ice cream or gelato is mighty tasty and yeah, the smell of freshly grounds beans... heaven.

  6. I love coffee, drink it between litre and two litres a day. And i'm not kidding either. Strong potcoffee (coffeemakers are for pussys) with lots of sugar and creamy milk. Decoffein? Instant? Not coffee at all. Coffeinjunkie, that's me. Just wondering why it's so damn hard get sleep at night. Any suggestions? 8D

  7. I always found a nice shot of heroin helps insomnia.

  8. Days don't start off very well without coffee. Believe it or not, coffee goes on before detour to bathroom. I need to hear that coffee maker gurgling before my shower. I prefer large mugs with a couple of level ts sugar and just enough cream
    to say there is some in there. It should look like the colour of dark butterscotch. Some screwball at Timmy's overdid the cream one morning and when I pulled back the lid it was almost white. Let's just say, if I had laser beams coming out of my eyeballs there would have been nothing remaining of him but smouldering flesh. As you can tell, I can go on talking about coffee forever. Prefer grinding my own. Have a bag of Bolivia Medium Roast I just picked up at 10,000 villages. Morning can't come soon enough. I better stop now.....I think I've had toooo much caffeine today. Is that even possible?

  9. I have decaf. I used to drink several cups of unsweetened, strong, black coffee. Then I gave up for several years. Now I can't tolerate caffeine at all, so it's decaf with cream and sweetener. My favourite way would be a cappucino, or a mochacino.

    I've gone local though and drink decaf double doubles...

  10. I enjoy 1-2 cups of coffee in the morning. I drink decaf with a splash of French Vanilla Coffee Mate (too much makes it overly sweet). I also enjoy tea. I drink green tea if I'm feeling a cold coming on and I drink camomile tea when I'm feeling anxious. I enjoy drinking a cup of Lipton Honey and Lemon with my neighbor when she visits. I also drink that at work occasionally. Funny though I can't stand iced tea or iced coffee. Must be hot for me.

  11. prkl, what's pot coffee? Is that like a French press thing? like this: I found nirvana when I started using that.

    lol, John... ;-)

    Bogey... beyond two mug of coffee, my eyelids start to twitch!

    Mog... double doubles at Timmies... you're being assimulated. You're not sporting a mullet are you?

    Sarah, I drink chamomile too but for sleep - Sleepytime Tea (celestial seasonings) knocks me right out. I'm drinking it now and within a few moments I'l

  12. Two cups as well. My favourite part of the day. Sitting outside on wet mossy rocks listening to the birds and the city awakening.

  13. That French press thing is a more sophisticated system that I use, basicly kinda the same. One friend of mine does that, very good coffee it makes.

    Take a coffepot (similat to teapot, I guess), boil water, take it off the stowe, add grinded coffee and put it back to the stove to boil it a bit. Then let it rest for 5-10 min and it's ready to consume. Defenetly the only way to make REAL coffee.

    Did it once John, didn't like it.
    I prefer pot. ;)

  14. Spooky. I try to do exactly the same in the morning. i.e. drink my first cup of coffee 'mindfully'. I know you're currently thinking ' he's taking the piss' but I'm serious. Started reading about mindfulness a few months ago. Find it really useful especially first thing in the morning when your brain's still mush between jumbled up dreams and thoughts of what you're facing that day.
    I'm a coffee fiend too. Strong and dark two sugars and real milk, none of your half fat skinny shit for me. Instant during the week, (Nescafe original. Get fancy at the weekend and grind my beans to make espresso. Black with sugar..... marvellous.

  15. 2 strong cups of black sugarless coffee in the morning or you won't get a word of sense out of me. And it has to be filtered - currently a blend of fresh ground Peaberry and Plantation (both Indian) but i've nearly run out so will have to think of something else very soon. Instant coffee is just not coffee at all. It's mingin and makes my breath stink.

    Yesterday afternoon i made tiramisu with savoiarde biscuits, mascarpone, eggs, dark rum and erm....very very strong coffee. It's still doin its thing in the fridge so i won't know til tonight if it's any good. But i bet it's proper deelish.

    Tea has its place too though. I dig the tanins.

  16. Love the smell of coffee brewing, coffee cake and candies. Coffee on most weekend mornings, otherwise it's tea all the way baby!

  17. Kathreen, lots of opportunities for wet mossy rocks lately, eh? I thought summer had arrived but...

    prkl - ah, I understand now... percolator coffee -

    Yes, a bit spooky there, Neil. What have you read? Mmm, espresso!

    Same as me Naldo... coffee straightup but I don't need the caffeine. I wake-up and I'm wide awake. Early bird.

    Rob, you wrote 'candies' ...heehee, so when are you growing your mullet? ;-)

  18. Everyone has their faults Jayne. ;-)

    (You know I think you're fab.)

  19. In another life I used to be an "extra large double double all day Tim Horton's"....I know, I know! When I came to Haida Gwaii there is no Timmy, no Starbucks so I make my own coffee...grind the beans, French press, Kick Ass, real cream & sugar, HOT, in the morning without food and it is always an event!
    When I spent two months in Ontario housesitting I mailed my Bodum French Press coffee maker and coffee grinder to where I was staying so I could continue the ritual. When I flew home I took both as carry on and when I went through Security, my coffee grinder was considered a weapon. Air Canada was going to charge me a $100. to check it(cause I had already checked two backs) so I had to throw it in the garbage!!!!
    Thanks for sharing and stopping by.

  20. Ah, Carolyn! Another Kick Ass fan! :-)

    A coffee grinder as a weapon... lol! That's Air Canada for ya, eh? "We're not happy until you're not happy..." ;-)

    Is it on Haida Gwaii, where there was a Haidabucks that Starbucks tried (and failed) to sue?