Thursday, May 28, 2009

Blog Whores

I've noticed three of my 'followers' appear on many other blogs. One 'follower' of mine in particular; his face shows up everywhere. As far as I can see it, these three followers have joined a kerbillion blogs to create a kerbillion links back to their own blogs. Just look at how long the lists of blogs they are following are. Avid readers?

Following a blog in itself is cool if you are genuine reader of that blog. I like my thirteen real followers and they've at least left a comment on my blog and visa-versa. But if some one's sole reason for 'following' is just to place a link then that's slimey, that's spamming, imo. They're like the Jehovah's Witnesses of the blogosphere. I don't want their slimey, spammy faces next to my real and lovely followers.

So, I am naming and shaming three of my followers:
- Ronnie Kerrigan
- Stephen Baird
- Skywind (who I've already asked twice to not spam my blog)

I'll give them a 24 hours to redeem themselves (yeah, right) before I give them the big 'fuck off!' ;-)

If anyone else notices some blog whores 'following' on their blogs or just anyone that they don't want following their blog, this blog entry on Roberto's Report is very helpful in explaining how to delete a follower (took me a flippin hour to find the info). Of course, if your blog is public anyone can still follow it, they can still read it, but they can't put their slimey, spammy faces and links in the 'following' gadget on your blog.

Ahhh, I love the power of being an autocrat! Until I rule the universe, I will rule my wee blog with an iron fist... at least until Blogger kicks me off. ;-)


  1. Teeheehe! Quite right, Ms TB. Take no shit, crush them with your iron fist.

    Can i ask summat - what's that 101 in 1001 days thing about? Am i bein a bit fick?

  2. Interesting, Ms. Toast Burner. I've deleted comments on my blog that included links to websites unrelated to my blog post topic. Usually the commenter says something generic like I just started reading your blog, blah, blah, blah.
    Thanks for the information about how to get rid of an unwanted follower. But keep me, please!!!!

  3. I only have Skywind,and his bizarre english amuses me so I leave him on as an off the wall experience.....

    should I be offended that I have no spam?

  4. Don't beat about the bush MTB. Tell it like it is...... 'slimy, spammy faces'.... brilliant.
    Your 'real and lovely' followers say more power to your elbow.

  5. lol, you go girl!

    it's your blog and if you don't want 'em, dump 'em.

    i try to comment on all my followers least a couple times a week or whenever they post.

    blog etiquette...or follower etiquette i suppose.

    happy blogging.

  6. Now, who was it that said Canadians were just a bunch of polite doormats. Something tells me that Blogger will think twice about approaching you. You probably scared the crap out of 'em!

  7. Toastie isn't the usual Canuck.

  8. Whoa didn't know there were 'fake followers' Get a life all fakies! Thanks for the helpful link to Roberto's Report.

  9. I am real happy i find you blob and you look me blob i very nice follow you follow me

  10. Done!

    Did anyone else go to slimyface blog or just me?

    Naldo - the 101 in 1001 is explained here:

    I haven't read it in a while... and now I feel quite embarrassed by it.

  11. Bravo! I'm only getting spam on the email account I setup for blogger. Dang them!