Sunday, May 31, 2009

Nice stuff

One thing that I really like about Victoria (and other places in Canada I've lived) is that people usually go out of their way to help an article of clothing find its owners again. People will pick up a dropped, forgotten or lost thing and put it in an easy to find place. Walking around, you might see scarves wrapped about tree trunks, mittens stuck over fence posts or a wee pair of socks pinned to a utility pole...

Petty theft does occur but generally it's not very common. In fact, there is a tradition in Victoria of leaving things you don't want on boulevards outside your home for other people who might want them, a very informal form of recycling. But the general culture of no petty theft means that you have to put 'free' signs on your stuff... or risk having no one take it.

And I thought my tv was old!

Anyways... I like that.


  1. that looks like a tv we had while i was growing up!

    those look like socks maggot #3 has...and almost as stinky looking!!

  2. hmm, when were were in Pbro we left some logs outside on the front lawn for a friend to collect and some tea leaf made off with them. Now we know why.

  3. What on earth are those lil drawers below that tv for? Snacks?

    Whutta nice way to recycle btw.

  4. Wow, jelly must be tres posh! ;-)

    Mog, tea leaf likely thought he was doing you a favour... or were they special logs? (I don't know what a special log would be!)

    lil drawers... not sure what they're for! Perhaps they're just a groovy, super-slick design feature... ;-)

  5. This made me laugh because during a walk the other day, I saw a variety of touques, scarves, mitts and even sweaters mounted all over the place. And in very creative ways to boot. I should have had my camera with me. Funny!

  6. Yeah Bogey, you're right; it's usually done quite creatively.

    Nice to hear that is happens in your hood too.

  7. Oh no, you have hit a nerve here. I appreciate the stray mitten being prominently displayed for the rightful owner but one of my Victoria pet peeves is when people put **** out on the boulevard with a free sign. I admit some **** is possibly recycled to a loving home but other stuff sits on the the boulevard just to rot! Sorry I can't stand it!

  8. I heard a story about someone in the US who put something on the curb and labeled it free like this. Nobody would take it until they put a sign announcing "$25 - inquire within" :)