Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Art of Finishing.

Does anyone remember this?

In January, I started a night school painting course and started about half a dozen paintings; each week we experimented with different subjects and/or techniques, so new canvas for each.

I've also been painting, painting over and then starting over again the big penis flower painting. And I'm also painting a gift for a friend.

Not finishing anything started to bother me but how do you know when a painting is finished? Well there are wise words written about that but today, I defined finished as: "good fucking enough!" ;-) and voila, a finished 'painting'...

It's not really a painting painting; it was an exercise (here and here). It's not something that I would choose to paint and it's quite 'flat' but I'm proud of my patience with painting those tiny precise shapes and those flippin' black lines and most of all I'm happy that it's just finished.

I've no idea what to call it. What should I call it?


  1. Call it "I'm happy with it"

    or something posey like study in many colours
    BTW have you noticed the phallus on the left? Just next to the bottle? I suppose you could have painted a vibrator...

    Great use of colour

  2. Am I missing something Mog, I don't see the vibrator?

    Very colorful. I like it...I'm bad with names and titles and such.

  3. How about Untitled? Finished? But whatever it is, does it make you feel cheerful to look at it? I actually like it very much. The colors really sing. Looks like it goes good with coffee!

  4. I like it very much.

    However, I do think you need to just start acknowledging your subconscious peni (sp?) drawings and do a study or a series!

    The penis stories...

  5. Jelly, there are two lines about a third of the way in from the left border follow them upwards and they have a dome on top of them.

    I do like the painting. I have to stress that, round here you could sell it for $$$

  6. Bloody hell! lol!

    Paintings, photos, slide shows; it pops up in everything I do. A friend said that I should just paint a 6 foot tall penis and be done with it. lol.

    Of course you don't see it, Jelly... you lovely, little lesbian, you. ;-)

    Thanks for your feedback, everyone. I wasn't expecting people to like it; I was just happy to have finished it!

    How much $$$ are we talking about here Mog? Perhaps I'll put up on eBay for an obscene amount and see if there are any suckers!

  7. How about naming it 'The Subliminal Shaft'

    More patience than I would ever have had. It was all I could do to paint a Paint by Numbers when I was a kid. Very interesting colour combination. Hidden talent. Who knew?

  8. Why don't you show it to the gallery people you know?

    I would probably pay money for it if I was allowed to buy art.

  9. I see crap art and good art for sale around here at prices ranging from $80 to $600. I reckon $250.

    Kitch pet portraits sell for $250

    I must knock out some landscapes and make some money.

  10. I was gonna suggest 'phallic free study' until Mog spotted the vibrator!

  11. Don't you people know a vibrator when you see one? It's a pepper mill! See the blue twirly bit with the two balls on the end? What kind of vibrator has that? Perhaps you are all more DEPRAVED than moi! (and if so, can you please send the link where I can buy one, lol).

    So, it's right up there with kitch, huh Mog.

    (Jayne's never been so relieved that there's a global economic crisis! lol.)

  12. Oops, that sounded bad didn't it. Let me rephrase. Kitch sells well, especially sentimental kitch. Class doesn't. You can get more money for tat, hence my conservative estimate for your classy painting.

    How was that?

  13. IF there are any suckers? You have a doupt? First thing I noticed was that poorly disquised "peppergrinder". 8D I see this is your penis free era painting. Thence the Freudian slip, I suppose. How's Schizophrenic nightmare for a name? I actually like the colors on it. And I want some wine, seeing that bottle and glass there. Wouldn't mind hanging it on my wall. But ain't gonna buy it, due lack of money.

  14. Well I like it. Looks kind of cool. Keeps the eye moving around.

    My suggestion: "Not a painting painting..."