Monday, February 2, 2009

All you wanna do is ride around Marnie...

About xmas time, while driving Rusty, I was t-boned at an intersection by a Nissan Sentra. It was all so slow and surreal and thankfully nobody was injured... except for my dear Rusty. Ouch!

A few days ago he went into the bodyshop to get a new door put on and a paint job... oh, and a wonderful cleaning up as well. He looks and smells all brand new again. He's very happpy, as am I.

While Rusty was in the shop, I got a choice of loaner vehicles; a freebie Colbalt or for five bucks more a day an upgrade to a convertible, Mustang GT with a V8. Inner-conflict starts up; my inner tree-hugger vs my inner redneck. I looked out the window, it was sunny. It's never sunny in January on the coast. It was 'a sign'... get the convertible, Marnie.... and the redneck won.

I had a wonderful time flying up the Malahat and cruising along the ocean. It's a very fun car to drive and I loved the sound it made... and the vibration, of course. ;-) But wow, it really did guzzle the fuel. Again, inner-conflict as I blast through the gorgeous rainforest, squirrels coughing in my wake.

It's at these times I remember a quote, by German philosopher Adorno, that my dear friend Simon (hi Simon!) told me about: Wrong life cannot be lived rightly.

To me, this means that we live in a capitalist society and that capitalism is essentially 'wrong' and no matter what we do, our actions implicate us in societal wrongness. Another way to put it is: you can't polish a turd! And I'm just trying to be philosofickle about choosing pleasure over the greater good... but does that even matter?

Anyways, off to plant a dozen trees, now.

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