Wednesday, February 4, 2009

More bothering...

Moisturising antiperspirant? WTF? Who knew Dove packaged and sold irony? Or would oxymoron be the proper term here?

Anyways... Age-appropriate underarm products? Aging underarms? Just as I let go of one corporal anxiety...

The bothering, it's not my fault (never is!). I wasn't suckered into the hype. I didn't even look at the writing on the product, I just bought a few sticks as it was on sale, very cheap (@ $1.50 each, how could I not?) and moisturising antiperspirant for the elderly is a concept that never even occured to me.

Perhaps I will post before and after shots of my aging underarms. I figure after three sticks, I will have reclaimed the pits of my youth. Pah!

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