Friday, February 27, 2009

Things I don't understand: episode one


  1. are they very big feet?? or funny shoes??

  2. Snow shoes, obviously, to suit the conditions.


  3. Ah, is it the poles that worry you?

    They aren't ski poles but hiking poles. Their use is supposed to increase cardiac output, or efficiency of aerobic exercise stuff.

    I just thought they had pointy feet, very big pointy feet.

  4. It's the poles, yes, but more specifically that they're attached to able-bodied, youthful, athletic types.

    For people with mobility problems, I see the point, yes... and lots of elderly folks here in Retirement-Town use the poles as a sort of double whammy cane, while out walking. That I understand completely and if it gets people moving, that's wonderful.

    But, able-bodied, youthful, athletic types... and with matching gloves. I don't understand it. Well, I do but I don't.

  5. I have some poles like that...they reduce impact on your knees and effectively make you act like a quadruped. Also useful for long downhill descents on uneven ground.

    We also have matching coats but that is because mine kept getting pinched and I do try not to go places where people will notice!

  6. Marching coats, what can I say Jayne. I am honoured to cyberknow you