Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Yesterday afternoon I was in my local Thrifties, shopping for food. They have sensible, small half-carts that are easy to manoeuvre, take up less space in the crowded aisles and hold enough for most shoppers. They also have a few of the old style, bathtub-sized kind.

So, I'm there pondering a pineapple purchase when BANG! I turn around to see that some man had hit my half-cart with his cart. Not one of the sensible carts, oh no, but one of the big old jalopy carts. He apologised, I returned a 'hey no problem' and decided 'no' about the pineapple.

Then, I thought, 'I know that man from somewhere...' and it's bothered me until now! He was the man who T-boned me and my lovely car Rusty in December! The man is out to get me! Ha ha!

Feels good to have that 'I know that man' thought figured out and I like how the symbolism of the shopping carts reinacted our previous meeting. I'm not sure if the pineapple has any symbolic meaning here...


  1. Marnie, to know you is to chuckle. :-)

  2. hmm, pineapple pondering sounds enigmatic.

    I wonder when this guy is going to collide with you again? Did he recognise you?

  3. Aww, thanks Judy! :-)

    Why can't this man be single and not twice my age? Although for an 86 year old, he's a looker. ;-)